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October 12, 2012

The (e)merge art fair

Last weekend was great. I can’t complain. I got to spend a lot of time with friends, which is good, because I really missed them a lot. When school starts, I always get so lost in my work that I can’t keep up with my friends. There are still a good group of people who¬†I need to catch up with before I fall off the face of the earth (ahem, clackers).
I had the opportunity to attend the e(merge) Art Fair at the Capital Skyline¬†Hotel in DC ¬†in support of my dear friend Thomas Canavan. Thomas is my best friend Juli’s husband, and when I have the opportunity to see something awesome that he has created, I’m inspired. Not only is his work beautiful, but I get the opportunity to see so many other art forms.

Below is Thomas’ painting called “The Chair.”

This picture of Thomas Canavan’s painting does not do it justice. The process that Thomas uses to create his work is pretty cool.

William and I often found ourselves looking at things and¬†saying, “I can’t believe this is art.” We weren’t saying it¬†¬†like “what the heck is this?” but we were surprised at how art is so much more than what we grew up thinking it was. I think for a long time, people only classify things like paintings, drawings, sculpture, etc. as art, and it was nice to see examples of thinks that¬†are different. ¬†One piece I am sad to have missed is a woman doing a piece of performance art, where she invites people to wash and take care of her hair in order to have candid conversations about black hair care and caring for loved ones, etc.

Another piece was a video of a woman who went through the grueling task of removing layers upon layers of body slimming clothing. She grunted and struggled as she shimmied out of girdles, spanx, and corsets, and  completely related to the discomfort she was displaying.

My favorite piece was one outside by the pool area. Michigan based  Artist Mandy Cano Villalobos created a mixed media installation that moved me emotionally. The project is best described as it reads on her website.

“Voces (‚ÄúVoices‚ÄĚ) addresses the mass femicide¬†in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico. ¬†An ongoing act of mourning and protest, I silently sit to the side of the gallery, embroidering the names of individual murder victims into white blouses. Beginning with the first documented victims in 1993, every woman is commemorated¬†with pink thread, referencing the pink crosses that have been erected and painted throughout the city by those who mourn the dead. ¬†As the shirts fill the center of the room, memorial shrines and missing person posters line the walls.”

The covered “altar”…it looked like a small rustic chapel.

On her website, the installation was spread out, creating an even more moving effect because there are so many white blouses- when they are in piles, when they are hanging- the reality that each of those represents a woman who has likely lost her life to violence is striking. She has several projects that feature the sadness of loss for Latinos due to civil wars an unrest. I will definitely continue to follow her work. At the art fair last weekend, her space was much more limited, but it was just as thought-provoking, and certainly just as sad. I recommend checking out this work here, on her site for more details.

Below are some other interesting eye candy. If you want more info on the fair, visit the (e)merge Art Fair Website.

A “tent” and more making a statement about the Occupy movement.

April 11, 2012

Inspired Cooking

The past few years, Easter dinner has been far less fancy of an affair as it once was. My mom used to go all out- ham, sides, snacks, deserts- but not anymore. I can respect her reasons.

Quite simply put, she is just tired and doesn’t feel like cooking.

We have ended up at the Macaroni grill the past two or three years. My parents don’t know other places ( not for my lack of suggesting) that they can get a decently priced Italian (faux ) dinner, without driving all over God’s green earth. On a normal night, I wouldn’t be like “OOOO let’s go there!” but there could be worse places. My grandmother is a big Red Lobster fan (REALLY!?!?! Are we related?!?!) and my parents are pretty much over that, I think. They put the kibosh on Red Lobster requests.

After I tried ordering some sorta pasta that tasted like what I imagine sock broth and chicken with wet rubber would taste like, I glanced across the table at my sisters simple pasta dish. Capellini Pomodoro. Deliciously simple- thin angel hair, fresh tomato sauce with basil and a touch of mozzarella. I did something I almost never do. I told the waiter that I just didn’t like it, and I asked him to please hook me up with whatever my sister is eating. He happily obliged, saying he’d rather I be happy. Bless that man, cause I really was. It tasted way better than the hot ass mess I was eating only moments before, and it was very well made. I promise to stop badmouthing Macaroni Grill and putting it in the same category as The Olive Garden (not happening).

Anyways, I left my leftovers out on the kitchen counter, and I got all pissed off, and decided to make my own damn capellini pomodoro. I loved it. It was delicioso. And then I also made a chocolate cake (of which I have had the teeniest tiny-est slice).

Check it out.


Um yeah I do have a double chin what?

October 16, 2011

Juli Got :::Hitched!:::

The past year has been filled with quite a few amazing events but none as dear to my heart as my best friend getting married. Juli and Thomas have such an amazing chemistry and passion and true love for one another and it was amazing to finally see them get hitched! It was a long year of hard work and planning for her, even though it was a small, tight knit affair, but it was beautiful. I’m so glad I was there for every part of their Journey together! Here are a few of my favorite photos that I have uploaded thus far from the wedding…There are many more to come!