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December 31, 2012

The Year in Review

2012 , You were amazing.

I quit my job after 4 years of ups and downs.

I went to paradise

Returned home early.

I learned to live with less.

Realized that experiences are more important than things.

Learned to love yoga.

Still did not loose all the weight I regained.

Still promising to do so.

I got married to my best friend.

Remained under-employed for longer than I cared to- testing my beliefs about career wants.

Learned that I will survive the aforementioned under-employment.

Learned many lessons about friendship.

Stopped punishing myself for being unconventional.

With all of its ups and downs, 2012 was an amazing year. For every tear shed there was twice as much joy. I can say confidently that this year, I LIVED. I carry some challenges with me into 2013, and they will be difficult ones. I feel well prepared by all that happened in 2012, and I believe that all the lessons learned will some how be instrumental in putting me in my correct place. As an obsessive planner, I realized that I don’t have exact plans for what I would like to accomplish this upcoming year of my life, but what I do know is that I will be much more present in my day to day, and the only true vow I will make is to play an active role in my own destiny, whatever that may be.

Happy New Year, Everyone! Lots of Blessings All Around.