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September 30, 2012

My first completed project is also my creepiest.

The first project of the semester was quite different than most. While I normally sit behind a computer, fumble through a design, and after three rounds of critique, settle upon a final, this project took me out of my comfort zone.

When Amy assigned us this project, I did what any student would do, and I bitched. “What the hell does this even have to do with Graphic Design?” In some roundabout way I know it does, but I didn’t get that right away. I begrudgingly completed my project, and by the end, I hate to admit it-I actually enjoyed it.

Well Played, Amy Pointer. Well Played.

We were each assigned an every day object. Someone got a paper clip, another, a light bulb, one fellow even got scissors. Our assignment was to take this ordinary object, and evolve its meaning into something else using photographs. I was given nails. Not finger nails, but nails, the fascinating tool.

My inner Catholic immediately went THERE- Nails. Jesus. Crucifixion. Death. Nails helped kill Jesus. Nails are a murder weapon.

I know this is strange to jump to immediately, but seriously. What else was I gonna go to?

After I determined that a nail/crucifix/blood combo was not working. I settled for taking the cross out of the equation, and just evolving nails into an object that injures and can induce bleeding. Nails and Blood minus the Catholic guilt. Plus, have you ever tried to go looking for a crucifix with Jesus actually on it? Churches don’t have that anymore, it seems.

Yup. that was me, driving around to local churches, trying to find a crucifix with Jesus on it, so I could drive my point home in class. I am a creeper.

In the long run, I was happy with how the project turned out. I demonstrated my theme, that nails are a weapon, or an object that can injure, by showing a pile of nails with spots of “blood.” In each frame, the blood progressively takes over the nails, and they get lost. I think that my use of carpentry nails, and my special mix of blood (corn syrup, one drop of blue food dye, 3 of red food dye, well mixed), created lovely photos, as far as creepy projects go.