I have been going back and forth about what exactly I want to accomplish this fall for quite a few weeks. I really didn’t give it much thought up until august, so when I did start to question my upcoming goals, I got a little anxious. Should I keep on the same path that I have been following? Or should I carve out a new niche for myself.

With my stressful job out of the way, I do have much more time to focus on the things I find to be truly important, but there is no denying that if the right position came a long, I wouldn’t be able to say no. If full time work presents itsself, I have to take it. We are not The Jones’, and I have to work!

With that being said, I am reevaluating my decision to take three classes. If I end up working full time, which at this point is very likely, the quality of my school work will be greatly compromised. That is not something I’m willing to do.

Ultimately, I’ve decided to go to school today, talk to my favorite professor, and then decide. Sometimes I just need another perspective on things. While I would love to graduate in may and be DONE, It won’t be the worst thing to graduate in the fall instead.

Normally, I would just sit and suffer through my anxiety and go back and forth like a crazy person, but I really don’t have time for that. I decided I would try something different instead.

I came across an app called Unstuck. The app guides you through a series of questions and helps you get to the root of your problem by breaking it down into smaller pieces. If you feel stuck in the moment and you aren’t sure how to move on, figuring out the emotions behind that can help you deal and propel you forward. 


It identifies what kind of problem solving style you have this moment. For example, I am an idle achiever who gets overwhelmed by the details and can lose confidence.



I really loved this tool. Lots of people are using this app, and if you want you can interact with them or not (like me). In the end, its a great tool to evaluate what is holding you back. I think its great for people like me who might need professional guidance, or even something simple like, “I don’t know where I want to go on vacation”, or “I can’t get my ass up to go to the gym,” etc. Big issues like, “I hate my wife and want to run off to Bora Bora”? An App ain’t gonna help you with that!


2 Comments to “Unstuck”

  1. I have this app too! I use it when I’m in a funk and need some motivation to get me through things. Awesome post!

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