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July 21, 2012

Burrito Bowl

I cannot go to Chipotle every damn day. I simply cannot. Does that mean I want to deny myself the right to enjoy the wondrous flavors Chipotle has to offer? Absolutely not.
So, I must compromise, and make my own Chipotle inspired burrito bowl using fresh and yummy ingredients in my own home.

With 2 chicken breasts, some cilantro, smoky spices, fresh corn sliced off the cobb, and cheesy abrorio rice topped with green peppers,  I made a delicious dinner for William and I that I plant to remake in the near future.
Happy Dinner Making!


Seasoning the chicken


Sautee onions in olive oil before adding rice

Prepping some green onions to sautee with the chicken

cooking down the rice

add the peppers when chicken is nearly done

Delicious final product after adding a little bit of reduced fat cheddar to the rice

i suppose i’ll leave leftovers for William….

July 20, 2012

“Crystal, you …

“Crystal, you are the shittiest wanna be blogger ever because you haven’t even written a word on here in, like, a month.”

I have been uttering these words to myself for the past few days. I want to blog.  I need to be blogging! And there is so much I could be blogging about, but honestly, I have just been busy living my day to day. I’ve been lending my momma a helping hand, putting in some hours at paper source, and catching up with people I miss dearly. I’ve also been putting in some work on the job hunt.

In short, I’ve just been enjoying being home. That may or may not mean I’ve been a bit lazy with some things, but after a month back, I have no excuses and Its time for me to develop a routine. Lord knows I have a lot more free time, so I might as well plan to use SOME of it wisely.

I’m planning out a more consistent blogging schedule for myself. Its like homework, but fun homework! Lord knows it will be good to have some structure and to stop putzing around my mothers house or my apartment in Spongebob pants. Its incredibly unattractive and it makes me feel like a slacker. 


Pants in Question. Not questionable? How unattractive they are.


Now that I am over the newness of being home (really it took a whole month?), I’m looking forward to blogging with you all again. I hope you are still willing to listen!