What I’ve Learned

If there is one reason why people quit their jobs and travel, it is to create a learning experience for themselves. Here in Costa Rica, outside of my comfort zone, I’ve learned so much. I’m only two weeks into my 7 week trip, and I’m happy that I have already started accumulating some tidbits and lessons about myself and how I deal with new experiences.

I’ve learned that I have to slow down and just wait.

Being in DC is obviously different than being here in Montezuma. There are two roads in the main town of Montezuma. I don’t even know if they have names. Its a little mix of Sodas (small Costa Rican restaurants with typical Tico food), eateries, beach shops, and one bar, named Chico’s. No one ever seems to be in a rush to move from one place to the next, and life is pretty informal. People have jobs, things to do, and people to see, but the pace at which they move to get it done is different. Coming from a place like the DMV, its like someone pulled the emergency break while you were going high speed. I thought my nature would cause me to get annoyed, but I’ve actually enjoyed this. I like that while I have commitments, I am not being guarded by some huge stop watch. Its a relief.  I didn’t even know that taking my time to eat dinner could be so nice. You have to develop some patience, which is good for everyone.

I have to listen to my body.

It is REALLY hot here. It is consistently above 80 degrees and humid. The sun is blaring from the moment it comes up, until late in the afternoon. I sweat through all my clothes pretty consistently, and I spend a great deal of time being totally uncomfortable. I have to listen to my body, in order to figure out what I need to give it. If I have a headache consistently for 2 days, its because I am dehydrated. If I am hungry but I am sluggish, then I need to eat, but eat lightly. If I am in yoga and I’m completely unbalanced, its because I didn’t do enough of the former two things, or I am sleeping like shit. I have to make adjustments accordingly, or I’m going to feel sick ALL the time. I just don’t have that kind of time.


Good People are in Unexpected Places

I didn’t think that Monica and I would arrive here in Costa Rica and be able to bond with people but we did. When you are far from home and you naturally gravitate towards people who are in the same boat. People you may not necessarily have bonded with at home are your friends here, and it makes you more open to learning about people who are different because they can ADD to your experiences. I can’t even stress enough how much you should enjoy the company of people quite different than yourself.



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