5 days Later

I have given up on proper footwear, makeup, and caring what I look like in shorts. I ate the street food (best fucking hamburger ever), drank the tap water, and pet at least 4 stray dogs this week, plus one cat.

When in Montezuma, do as.

This town, full of Rastafarians and hippies in a former life, is growing on me. I still miss my family and friends back home like crazy. You never realize how important these people are in your daily life until you move far from them. Luckily, I know they will all love me when I return. Thank God!

Here are a few highlights of my week.

Montezuma Water Falls

A few of the girls, getting ready to hike to the falls.

Treacherous fucking hike to the waterfalls, but worth it when you dip into this extremely cool water. Deep and powerful, people jumped off the cliffs into the water. I refrained.

Monica and friends getting her swim on.

grubbing on an orange while sweating like a fucking pig, loving my life.

Poi, or fire dancing. These people are amazing.


One Comment to “5 days Later”

  1. Glad you are having a wonderful time and growing into yourself!!!!!!! xoxo Miss you!!!!!

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