Packing Up

You can only imagine how difficult it has been trying to pack 2 months of my life into one large backpack and a tote bag (my carry on). I began stockpiling and separating a few weeks ago, hoping to keep everything I needed for the trip away from everything I didn’t need. My office became a makeshift packing station, and natural became a hot ass mess. I realize I couldn’t really put anything away until I visually could look at everything I was taking. When I finally did, I had a moment of panic. How the hell was I going to stuff all that shit into one small space and still be able to carry it around?!?!

Well as it turns out, it worked out quite well! Due to what can only be described as my over controlled and psychotic need to plan out everything, packing wasn’t as difficult as I initially envisioned. I used zip bags from Baggu, a bag company that I LOVE (do you hear me? I LOVE BAGGU).  Baggu is where I get all of my reusable bags. They also sell backpacks, totes, and really cute, simplistic leather goods, many of them in adorable patterns, like alpacas or foxes. I went online to Baggu and got XL, L, M, and S sized zip bags for me to use as packing cubes. These.things.were. perfect. It allowed me to roll up my clothes and tuck them away in a bag. All the t-shirts together, undies together, bathing suits together, toiletries separated out, shoes protected. I have a little bag for all my cords and chargers, and even one for my cotton balls and Q tips. Most things are travel sized (Ill buy full sizes when I arrive there), and made for really easy packing. The bags were a fraction of what I would have paid for packing cubes online at Amazon or at a specialty store and met my needs very well!

I didn’t have to edit anything  I packed JUST enough. Everything fit into my big ol’ LL Bean pack without having to over stuff or squeeze it in a violent manner. All my electronics, journals, and an extra zip bag with a change of clothes and some mini toiletries fit into my carry on tote with MORE than enough room.

I even did a test run and packed my bag to the brim with all my stuff, and it went great. Packing Success!

Check out Talia overseeing the process…think she has any idea whats up?

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4 Comments to “Packing Up”

  1. There’s a sale on for Baggu daypacks and laptop sleeves. I was thinking about getting the daypack and then went on the website and saw the zip backs and thought it would be perfect for my trip to the motherland. More shopping yay! Thanks for convincing me to get it babe 🙂

  2. Can’t wait to hear how your flight went. I expect you to come out to Korea and party with me, so as soon as you return stateside, you better start a Korea Fund. 😉

  3. I just tried to comment… Don’t think it worked though. Anyway, I can’t wait to hear how the flight into C.R. goes and all the cool things you will see while there. The wildlife, from what I remember, is amazing– especially in regard to insects, monkeys, and iguanas. I still want you to come stay with me in Korea, so as soon as you make it back to the States you better start a Korea Fund. 😉 Love you woman! Be safe!

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