No School for Summer = YAY X 100

Last night was my last class until fall. This semester has been so up and down for me. I started this program with such excitement and hope, but this semester, that level of enthusiasm dropped, with no sign of recovering.

Book design, Aka the Wednesday night book club, ended last week. My Raven IPad App got decent reviews on it. Even though I wasn’t fond of the assignment, I did the best I could. I wanted more for it, but it gets to the point where I just need to bang it out and get it finished. When the deadline approaches, you gotta haul ass.

I signed up for my second class, Information Design, not really knowing what to expect. It was the first time Amy was teaching this class (it was the first info design class ever!), and I knew that it would have some kinks. I could lie and say that I made lots of connections between design execution and theories on how to represent information in hierarchies, but for realz, I don’t pay attention to that crap. No one else’s but mine. To me, important stuff should be represented ahead of smaller things, and I use my own discretion. If it doesn’t work, then trust me, I’ll hear about it during critique.

Our final project was a 2 part assignment. The first was to collect data on ourselves and use it to create an infographic.

The second part was to create a mobile application . We weren’t sure how these two parts were related, but I did my best to tie mine together. Below is my infographic.

My Infographic, which details my creative process…if you can call it one.

My app, called RUSH, is a creative conscience tracker. You use this app to track moments during the day when you have a creative idea you would eventually like to execute.  The app not only lets you track your idea, but then it compiles that data into a report (ideally) that would tell you when, where, and under what conditions you would produce your best artistic work.

I really love this project. Although the “frames” are just a start, I can see me developing it into an actual app, provided I gain the know how.  Definitely my favorite work of the semester! More projects to come later.

Home/Start Up Screen

Retrieve & Create Ideas your idea

Track your idea using a picture (taken with the device or uploaded), a sound bite, or write it in. The file folder allows you to access an old one, or you can search for it using the search bar

Type your idea in

Tag your idea with key works, which aides in generating the report

Share with social media…or NOT!


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