The Easter Edition

Happy Easter! No better day that to make a new promise to yourself, renew old ones, or seek forgiveness.

I was raised in a very Catholic household and went to Catholic school until I graduated High School. Somewhere after, things changed. I still have faith in God, but I can’t  say my faith in the church I grew up in is the same. Whatever that may mean, I know for sure that the main values I hold are still the same. Also, I still feel compelled to follow the biggest of traditions I grew up with, and Easter is no exception. I  still wanted to give up something for Lent this year. I still believe in God, and I love Him. I’m blessed, I’m appreciative, and I have to say, my relationship with Him is on the mend. Anyways…

Many of you know how much I love a good beer. Particularly the nice, thick, fatty ones. Hops. Chocolate Stouts. Dark brown ales. I love them. They are a staple in my life like bread, milk, and eggs. That isn’t particularly healthy, in more ways than one. It might not have seemed like a big deal for some, but giving up beer was hard. It is a recreational thing that I love, and had often when socializing and spending time with family and friends. When you have something readily available all the time, you take it for granted. I wanted to spend some time with my friends and family and not use beer as a social tool. I’m not in college- I don’t need to act like it.  I gave up liquor because it wasn’t that big of a deal to me but I allowed myself wine once a week. I rarely had wine unless It was something I really wanted, or if I was sharing it with my best friend. I also found new ways to relax after coming home from a stressful day. I went to the gym or walked longer with the dogs. I read more. I spent a lot less money, and even lost more weight spending the past few weeks away from my hoppy frothy friend. I did cheat on St. Patricks day, but 2 beers is a drastic cut from my normal celebrations.

I also made a promise to love my body more and treat it like my biggest investment. That meant all of it.  If my body is my temple, I had been treating it like a run down church in a strip mall, in dire need of repair. I got back on weight watchers, got back in the gym, and stopped disparaging myself at every turn. I also came to make some huge decisions about my personal happiness and what life path was best for me. I definitely wasn’t on it! All in all, I feel like I had an amazing Lenten season. I feel better on the inside, and out, although I still require a lot of repair 🙂

BTW, No. I have not had a beer yet. lol. Now a margarita? That’s another story….


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