What Starting Over Looks Like

Almost three years ago, I lost over 30 pounds. I had lost my job, was bored, and had nothing better to do than go to the gym for almost 2 hours a day, nearly every day. I was never the gym type, but I became the gym type because it gave me something to do. I didn’t realize how big I had gotten, and I didn’t realize how much weight I lost until I got to about 15 pounds. Not so much, you might think, but 15 pounds is a lot on me because I’m short.

I got on Weight Watchers, and lost even more. I was on a roll!. I found a new job, continued being motivated, and continued to lose weight. I was really happy, considering I’ve been a Chubberton my whole life.

Then I got busier and settled in at work. I was happy I had a job, but I really didn’t like what I was doing. Relationships were challenging, and the work never varied. I was doing the same thing every single day, day in and day out (three years later, I’m still doing the same thing) . I became depressed about it, and I didn’t even know I could let something affect me like that. I stopped working out, continued to eat, and the rest is history. Here I am, at the biggest in my, life starting over.

Still, it is OK! Because the beauty is, you can always start over again. I have a second chance. And  will have a second, third, fourth, whatever it takes until I am happy with where I am.

On January 21st, I started over again. I signed up for weight watchers at work. I started going to the gym again. And everyday is still very very hard. Still, I’ve lost 9 pounds, which is more weight than I have managed to get off in the past 2 years.

This is what starting over looks like.

Trips to the Grocery Store

Getting Off My Ass

Getting Off My Ass

Better Food


6 Comments to “What Starting Over Looks Like”

  1. Good for you on losing the weight again; it’s not easy, but like you said, the beauty is that you can always start back over again:) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))

  2. Nice! (Also laughing at you for having the “how to make a screenshot” window open when you took your screenshot. Bwaaha)

    But seriously, awesome work and I’m tooootally here to support you!

  3. Way to go, Crystal. I too have signed on to the journey of optimal wellness and wellbeing. I joined Weight Watchers on February 8th and have been getting off my ass as well plus reducing portions of the yummy food I eat:). It’s good to see a familiar face on this journey. Happy living!

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