Weekday in Review








Happy Friday to all !

This week came with the usual riff raff and tomfoolery. Work had the same challenges, and personality conflicts, and some massive dramas, but…

I’m over it.

What I am really thinking about right now-what I am ECSTATIC about is that school was great. I finally got the first big project off my plate in information design. My info-graphic guide to outdoor escapes at the office was fully constructed and handed over. Now, my job is to sit and wait anxiously for my teacher to give me back the grade.

Two weeks ago I turned in my first designed and constructed book. That little labor of love has yet to be returned, and every class we have where she doesn’t fork it over stresses me beyond measure. At the same time, I realize there is NOTHING I can do at this point. Being finished makes me happy. No time to dwell on the old assignment as we are already on to the next.

This coming Wednesday is the first composition of our second assignment. I’m currently designing a book cover for an old book and turning it into something contemporary. This was so incredibly challenging for me last week, but I’m happy to report all that stress, combined with a migraine that wouldn’t stop , allowed me to step back and reevaluate my work. It did wonders. I went into class a lot more confident. Even though I had a few things to tweak, I had decided on my design, and that was most of my battle.This week, I also had the pleasure of learning I had dropped another 2 pounds, bringing my total to 9 thus far….Nine seems like such a small, insignificant number, but truth me told, it is monumental to me. After a year in one of the darkest periods in my self confidence, I was able to pull out. I got a second wind to get my shit together, and let me tell you that I’m going for this. Balls to the Walls, I will be a new woman.

When I reflect on how I looked at my healthiest, I tried to remember what was keeping me motivated at that time. It wasn’t how other people perceived me, but how I perceived me. I loved myself. I loved myself so much, that I made sure to carve out more time for myself. I need that time to write, to read, to be alone with myself, to take care of myself inside and out. Since starting graduate school and working at the Funny Farm, I lost sight.

No more of that. I remember what it is like to feel amazing, and I’m getting that back every day. Honestly, I don’t see how it can’t get better.

As per usual, I have another ambitious weekend planned. Lots of homework, a few work outs, and some catching up with friends. I’m getting better at the balancing act! I’m going to enjoy ALL of this sunny weekend.



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