Adapting some minimalist principles in my closet

I have too much stuff and its time to get rid of it. Clothes that I never wear are clogging my closet, purses I haven’t used in ages falling apart, and useless knickknacks are falling off my shelves.  I’m no hoarder, but I made a sudden realization. I looked at my apartment one day- really looked at it- and realized there is entirely too much bullshit everywhere. Sometimes I try to go on a cleaning spree and downsize my possessions, but what I tend to end up with is a clean house that still has too much stuff in it. I’m going to blame this on my mother, who is a master packer and organizer and keeps a lot of things that she doesn’t need because she has the space to. Again, she is no hoarder, but why won’t she give me that damn counter top Foreman Grill if she doesn’t use or need it? I’m convinced its because she likes that it takes up space in her well stocked kitchen.


Last week I finished a book called Miss Minimalist: Inspiration to Downsize, Declutter, and Simplify by Francine Jay. This woman has been a minimalist for quite some time, and I have to say, her resolve to be more thoughtful about her overall consumption and needs is quite impressive.

This past weekend, I went through my old clothes and took out all of the unnecessary items. I had to ask myself a few questions.

1. Does it fit?

2. Has the quality been compromised after so many wears?

3.  Do I even wear this shit anymore or is it no longer my style?

I found that my closet was literally cut in half. What I found was that I have a really decent collection of Michael Kors and Calvin Klein dresses that fit well and are perfect for work. What I’m lacking are tops. I need more blouses.

God forbid they not lay on the bed while I try to be productive.

I went through my drawers next. I’m actually confined to 2 full sized drawers and 2 half size drawers because William is a dresser hog. He always says he doesn’t have a lot of stuff, but he does. The man has a t-shirt collection that takes up most of the space. The rest of the drawers are stuffed with man stuff like basketball shorts, lounge pants, MORE t shirts, jeans, MORE jeans, MASSIVE pairs of socks for his big feet, man panties (sike, they are boxers y’all), and undershirts.  Since Will is clearly not willing to free up more space, and I am NOT buying a new dresser, I condensed. I kept 6 tank tops, 5 full size T shirts, 6 graphic short sleeve tees, and 4 long sleeve shirts. I kept all of my work out clothes.  Yay me for finding a way to organize my stuff. Turns out, having less makes it easier. I was able to put my laundry away and not have to smush the clothes into the drawers to close them, and I can now successfully see everything in my closet. I even went through my accessories and downsized THAT, all with two lazy brats in my way the whole time. What I ended up with was a  huge pile of clothes ready to go to the Salvation Army. 🙂

This is the pile I ended up folding and putting in bags for Salvation Army.

I may not be a full on minimalist but every purging session helps !


4 Comments to “Adapting some minimalist principles in my closet”

  1. Wow! Really impressive. Like William, R has enough t shirts to maybe never have to do laundry in his life. His closet overflows while mine is depressingly bare…

    • Should we plan a revolt? I’ve dreamed of taking his stuff out of the drawers and telling HIM to downsize so i can make more room, but I like the bragging rights. He looks extra prissy with all his clothes, and I look like the sacrificing good woman. lol.

      Clearly, we need to shop for some fun essentials, too!

  2. I meeeaannn what are you doing with those accessories that you’ve downsized? My minimalist butt could use some clutter 🙂

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