Life Takeover in Progress

Well hello lovely people! School has officially taken over.

I’ve emerged from the most productive yet not fun three day weekend I’ve ever had.  I was locked in my apartment all weekend attempting to piece together and bind my first book, and then begin constructing what will soon be my first infographic guide.  Everything seems so simple until it isn’t, and needless to say, I struggled the whole time. Somehow, the book got bound, and I began identifying elements of my infographic. It had to be near comp quality, so handing in a shitty drawing wasn’t an option. The only way I stayed sane was by venturing out for dinner on Saturday, and then leaving the house yesterday to go to Target.  What a sad way to spend such a beautiful holiday weekend!


Anyway, I’m heading into the next week happy that I’ll only have to work 4 days, and happy that perhaps I will be able to do something fun this coming weekend. Nothing fancy- just simple like see a movie or ride  bike.  Pray that its meant to be!


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