Thanks for your responses!

Wow, there are some extremely wise people out there and I’m happy I know them! I asked for responses earlier in the week about dealing with work stresses, and those of you that responded had great advice for those going through the same things. I know it must be working, because all of you are brilliant and successful in your careers!

My colleague and classmate from UMBC, Simran, gave several ways to de-stress when she has a more difficult day at work. Compacted by the fact that she is in the Midwest, far from home, she uses mediation and trips to the gym to work out any aggression. She also does what any girl would do- “I also do the normal stuff, like talk to a friend to get validation that the person  was wrong and I’m not being too sensitive.”  She also makes the excellent point not to let those negative feelings fester. ” I think what I do is try not to sit with it because then it eats at me and I am the one that suffers.” AMEN girl. AMEN.

Another friend, Amy, made a point that many people overlook-

“It’s easier said than done, but you have to keep reminding yourself that these people have their own personal issues that have nothing to do with you. You just happened to cross their path at the wrong time.”

Amy is so right! SO SO SO RIGHT. I think that once you realize that people act out of unhappiness, it makes them more human and you may find that perhaps you are even less angry.  Sometimes, you just aren’t going to get a long with people, and as Amy notes, you aren’t there to do anything but your job. Smart cookie, that girl.

A lot of other friends who (anonymously) replied noted that sometimes its just a culmination of stresses that lead up to weeks from hell. That is mostly my case. It is always a bit of everything, isn’t it? It is hard to wrangle all parts of yourself in when they seem to be pulling you in all different directions.  The only thing I can do is take on one thing at a time, and do my best. Its how I get through every day.
I am so happy that all the frustrations of work have lead me to where I am. I think sometimes the man upstairs puts a few obstacles in our way to really force us to make decisions about who we are, what kind of character we hope do develop, and where we want to go. I also think that it makes us grateful we have gotten as far as we have (without choking someone out, too!).  I’m happy that whatever challenges I face help me solidify the things I was unsure of, and prompt me to make some really amazing plans for myself.  It is honestly the best motivator ever.


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