When we experience the WORK WEEK FROM HELL

There are really only a few reasons why I might not blog regularly. One being that I have become overwhelmed at school and can’t spare the time, and the other being that I’m so upset about something, that I really can’t talk about it. Why, you say? Well, if I am upset about something, I have to be careful about my approach. This blog is meaningful and personal to me, and it represents who I am. If I am writing out of anger, I am only showing you the angry side, not the logistical or reasonable side. That might make for a good post, but it doesn’t show all the emotion, just that one angry side. There is more to me than that. I needed a few days to regroup, and then write a post about what was really bothering me, leaving my mean streak out.

The past few weeks at work have been extremely challenging. If you’ve read any of my other posts about work, you know that I regularly experience extreme dissatisfaction and depression on a normal basis. I have always just accepted it. My parents always told me that I would have troubles no matter what kind of job I had. That generally, people don’t change from place to place, and I will always have people who are rude, unhelpful, mean-spirited and ready to overthrow me from my position. In essence, there would always be haters. I think that to an extent, they are right. I normally think that people are mostly good, but in my current position, I have moments when I think otherwise. Not everyone is going to get along well. While I may not always be the best at biting my tongue, and I may challenge people from time to time, I maintain cordial relationships at work. It’s what you do.

This week, I broke my own rules about “sucking it up” and I really couldn’t take anymore. I had a coworker hang up the telephone on me while I tried to address an issue. The details are many, but essentially, she didn’t like that I pointed out a mistake so she hung up on me, refused to apologize later for the incident, tried to throw me under the bus with my boss (who backed me up, thankfully), and is still trying to scrounge up things I’ve supposedly made mistakes on recently. Unfortunately for her, there aren’t any. I’m really good at covering my ass. This coworker has also made several comments about my weight, and most notably, has asked me several times if I had a thyroid problem, and that I should get tested because I have gained a lot of weight. During an altercation, I let her know I felt she was rude, childish, and unprofessional. Would she hang up on her boss?

I also had another incident this week where another coworker made what amounted to a fat joke, completely stepping outside of his boundaries. While I was very mad at him, he is a good guy, was just being momentarily stupid, and our relationship remains in tact. Still, it is really just too much for one week for me. I’m sorry.

People really need to start being nicer to one another. We need to start holding ourselves accountable. We need to start treating each other with more respect. That goes for me as well, because I am no angel. When did it become okay for us to speak to each other with tones of disgust and aggravation? This is far too acceptable and it’s NOT OK! If you are in a job where you are not happy getting up going to work, you are anxious when you arrive and you are tearful out of stress when you leave, remind yourself that you don’t deserve that kind of behavior. Start thinking of what you need to change to make that better. Keep in mind, some situations are repairable, and others are not. Perhaps its better that we as people start to preserve the good things about ourselves instead of sacrificing it all the time. After a lot of time in unhealthy situations, we start to change and become like the people we can’t stand. Don’t let it get there. I’m sure that those people don’t even realize they have become the kind of people who unapologetically unleash hell on their coworkers and infectiously spread negative energy.

I read your Facebook statuses and your tweets, and I know that many of you are in the same boat with where you work. Tell me (anonymously if you prefer), what is your experience at work? How do you deal with shitty treatment from coworkers? Have you treated someone less than stellar and you feel bad about it? Where you previously at a place like this and you want to reflect on that? Tell me what you do to remedy extreme stress from work. I’m dying to know what you all think.

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One Comment to “When we experience the WORK WEEK FROM HELL”

  1. Personally, I think everyone has at least ONE co-worker, family member, roommate, client, “friend”, etc that will prey on anyone that will let them. However, when the situation is reversed, their world comes crumbling down around them and they feel completely lost. It’s easier said than done, but you have to keep reminding yourself that these people have their own personal issues that have nothing to do with you. You just happened to cross their path at the wrong time. Tell yourself, out loud if you have to, that you are not here to make them feel better about themselves and there is no point in trying to. All you can do is politely and professionally tell them where to stick it. More than likely, you are not the only one being put in an uncomfortable position by this person and it will eventually bite them in the ass. You may get to be there when it does, and you might not ever know…but it will. Just get your work done to the best of your ability with YOUR future in mind. It took me years to learn, but if you don’t teach yourself to put people like that in their place, they will always be a problem and will get in the way of your amazing talent. Good luck!! Always here if you need to vent! *hugs*


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