I went into World Market on Friday at Lunch….

and I fell in Love.

Deeply in love.

I already lusted at their endless array of products online, but seeing them all in person was wonderful. Imagine Sur La Table, Pier 1, and a wine superstore blown up an on crack, radiating hypnotic vibes, and reduced in price. That is World Market.

Here are some of the few lovely little things I found there. God help me, and help my wallet.


Beautiful Shell Chandelier

Handmade, Earth Friendly Soaps and the cutest Elephant Marble Soapdish

Indonesian day bed- I liked the cushions although not on this bed. I'd love to make my own....


THEN, I came home to these two wildebeasts having torn up another pair of my shoes. The current victim? A pair of my Sperry’s. That was the cherry on my sundae….




One Comment to “I went into World Market on Friday at Lunch….”

  1. Wildebeests?! You are so dramatic…lol

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