Mid Week Madness with Creations on the Rise

I had every intention of writing a blog post yesterday to tell you all happy hump day, but I never made it. During what was the most hellacious day of 2012 thus far, I was too eaten up by misfortunes at work and obligations at school to write a post. I couldn’t sit down and pretend to care about much, because I just didn’t. If you have ever read my posts about work, then you can probably only imagine what my day may have been like.

I had a full week of classes! Information Design began on Tuesday, and I can tell I’m going to love it. Book Design proving to be tough, because any time you are creating something and it runs the chance of extreme criticism, it is hard! Thankfully, I really love Amy, my professor. We have a good group of students and I think it won’t be long before we get comfortable with each other. Book design in particular is fun because the group is small and intimate. There is room for digression and banter, which keeps us all relaxed and happy to work. Although my designs this week were horrible (I’m not posting that crud), I am looking forward to the revision process. Let the fun times begin!

A fellow blogger I consistently mention is the very talented Rae Marvelous of Better than 20 fame.  Of the many people I have met in our program who are dear to me, Rae is definitely who I consider  a soul sister. She is a very supportive, creative, and witty individual, and she always has excellent ideas. Even better is that she actually shares them, unlike some students who are very guarded about their creativity and design process.

Rae and I were just chatting via email and about freelance design networks. I didn’t know which, if any, I should use, when she mentioned starting a collective to show case our skills and provide contacts for those seeking design services. People have different strengths so it was a great idea! I believe it could be a learning opportunity for us outside of the classroom, and we an always learn a thing or two from one another. I am very excited to put our heads together and bring the idea to life. Brainstorming starts tomorrow, so I’ll be sure to post the results!


2 Comments to “Mid Week Madness with Creations on the Rise”

  1. I’m excited! I don’t know about “fame” though…lol

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