In the Kitchen with Momma

I love my mother, Zaida, and everything she makes. Everything. Especially if it is a Puerto Rican dish! While Flan isn’t native to Puerto Rico, it is just as common as you can imagine it to be in a latin country, and its one of the best oldie but goodie desserts. I never bothered to ask how she made it, but finally, I decided I better learn. I went to my moms house one day for what was supposed to be a quick visit, and I ended up staying all day, cooking in the kitchen with her. I think I just needed one of those days! Here are just a few snapshots of the process.

Making the flan- we made two, one with Coconut mixed in (for my mom) and one without (for me).

If there is a dish that your mom makes that you know you can’t live with out, have you learned how to make it yet? You should! I spent so long thinking it would be difficult but it wasn’t. I’m glad I could stop long enough to enjoy it with her.


2 Comments to “In the Kitchen with Momma”

  1. Your mom is so freakin cute! You look just like her!

    • Ah thank you! I never see it when people say we look a like, because my Dad and I are dead on, but other people say that all the time. I love her, so I take it as a great compliment 🙂

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