Breaktime Productivity: Working with Monica’s Peppy Paws

I spent the first few weeks of winter break not doing anything, and it was glorious. It wasn’t until I saw my cushy little GPA that I felt renewed and confident in my abilities again that I decided to stop bullshitting. A few months back, Monica and I agreed that I would help her revamp her materials- business cards, client information cards, pricing sheets, and at some point, a new web page.  I  know she was looking for a simple yet colorful design and a new logo reflecting both of these things. I’m no illustrator, so she has no choice but to allow me to keep it simple! Hehe. I have spent the past week working on these things for her and so far,  I’ve come up with some decent work. We are currently in the process of tweaking some things, and then we are off to do a test run.

The Client Info Card

Front of Business Card

Back of Business Card

I can’t wait to the test run because then I can see how everything looks together as a cohesive package. I try my best to make revisions before that, but sometimes, things don’t jump out at you the same way. Lets hope the changes go smooth and that Monica is my next happy client!


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