The History of “I Ain’t Got Time”

It was the summer, of 2007, or 2008,…meh, who gives a shit. I’m almost 30 and I don’t have time to recall these dates.

It was during the summer a few years back, and Juli and I were students at Ball So Hard University. We were in a awesome condo right by the harbor, working, being cute, going out all the time, hollerin’, and being hollered at. We were fancy and fly, in our own unique way.

On occasion, we would get frustrated because people didn’t understand that being amazing was a full time job. Yes, we were arrogant, and we probably still are (just a lil’ bit), and our time was precious. Why would people try to clutter up our schedules with nonsense? I mean, we really didn’t have time for all that. When a parent would call us, offering up a lecture, we didn’t have time. When dudes were playing games and not being real with themselves or us, we let them know that we didn’t have time. When the perils of city life caused things like flat tires or broken car windows, we didn’t have time. And when someone even told my dear roomie to her face that she sounded arrogant because she stated that she didn’t have time, she let him know that we didn’t have time for that either! Didn’t he hear anything she just said?

Anyways, let me explain what exactly we meant when we said we don’t have time. Life is short. Me, Monica, and Juli had just lost one of our best friends, we were young, and trying to do right in the peak of our lives. When we came across situations that were less than favorable, we didn’t want to dwell on them, we wanted to move on. ON WITH THE NEXT is like the new “I ain’t got time.” Its about not living in the moments that aren’t so pretty, and moving quickly to create ones that are beautiful and much more pleasant.

Old pains, bad memories, shady exes or friends, evil bosses, jobs you hate, idle hands, and close minded people and places- These things ain’t worth your time!

What do you have time for? Family, friends, creating art, speaking freely but not hurtfully, forging my path, traveling, love, good drinks and food- I got time for that!

A Pic of Us, During Our Epic Era, In Las Vegas. We didn’t have time for anything but the best time.


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