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January 30, 2012

Hand Bag Love

I am always lusting after handbags, and even if I have put myself on a bit of a spending freeze, I can still look right? Let’s see how long I can control myself.


Herringbone Bags have me looking for an excuse for me to go out and use a clutch. The Ones above are smaller versions, but they also come in a larger clutch size, in a range of colors, including Fuscia. So damn hot.


Mason Bags! Especially the big ones. I can think of a million things to stuff them with, including my school work. The larger two are from Hickorees, and the small one above is a Klein Mason Bag available at Home Depot, (YES!) for around $60.


January 30, 2012

In the Kitchen with Momma

I love my mother, Zaida, and everything she makes. Everything. Especially if it is a Puerto Rican dish! While Flan isn’t native to Puerto Rico, it is just as common as you can imagine it to be in a latin country, and its one of the best oldie but goodie desserts. I never bothered to ask how she made it, but finally, I decided I better learn. I went to my moms house one day for what was supposed to be a quick visit, and I ended up staying all day, cooking in the kitchen with her. I think I just needed one of those days! Here are just a few snapshots of the process.

Making the flan- we made two, one with Coconut mixed in (for my mom) and one without (for me).

If there is a dish that your mom makes that you know you can’t live with out, have you learned how to make it yet? You should! I spent so long thinking it would be difficult but it wasn’t. I’m glad I could stop long enough to enjoy it with her.

January 28, 2012

Just a few things I loved about this past week…

Last weekend, I had a delicious wine tasting at my house with my two best friends, and Juli’s hubbin, Thomas. Juli and Thomas brought me a beautiful handmade wooden cheese plate and it is simply gorgeous. Right now, I’m using it as a fruit bowl, but trust me, the spread looked beautiful on display. Why are there not more pictures you ask? Because, well, it was a wine tasting, and we were busy tasting, lol. Monica brought Champ with her, who is my honorary doggie, and I love him. Even though William was out of town, I had a great time with them!

January 20, 2012

Weekend To Do’s

I’m pretty sure I’ve said before on here how much I hate/love when William is out of town. Let me take a moment to once again, explain why. When William goes home to the Bronx, I am “Little Miss Productive,” whipping up to do lists, check things off rapidly, making huge progress on personal and academic projects, and tidying house in between mouse clicks. I am so much more active when he isn’t here. When he is, I want to be all in his face, spending time with him, and acting like I ain’t got time to do shit else but cater to our love’s fancy. Disgusting right?

Since school starts next week ( NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!), I have some things that need to get checked off the list. True to form, I procrastinated all winter long, or made changes to my blog or website that I didn’t really care for. If I don’t correct that stuff now, I won’t do it. So it needs to get done. Capice?

I took some time to think about what I need at this stage and what exactly I like to do. I like blogging. I  like it a lot! So why don’t I blog more? Well part of the fear is that I am boring you to death. I realize that may happen every now and then, but for the most part, I feel like blogging more often can fix that! This semester, I don’t want to bore you with how much I hate school, or the current project I am on.But I will post my projects because I think its good to voice my progress and what I am learning. After all, this blog is about my journey right? 

I also want to share with you some of the things I love. I love interiors, cooking, travel, special projects, and more. Where are those things? At the moment, not very present on this blog! Time to beef that up. Creating posts that are tied in with a reoccurring topic will be a great way for me to add some volume to my posts.

The next item on my list is creating a site to house my portfolio. I am not ready for a big site. I’m just not. That would explain why my other site was never something I wanted to launch. Plus, I want to tie it in to this blog – not create some whole other identity. After all, why the hell would I want to do that when I have a perfectly good identity already? What little following I have is at I Ain’t Got Time, so I should keep that as a part of my focus.I’ve decided to use IM CREATOR to make a web page displaying my work and contact information. I really have the spare time or knowledge to construct the kind of personal website I want on my own, so this is just what I need. I really like their templates, and the site is very intuitive to use without sacrificing style. Yay for IM CREATOR, and yay for me for stumbling upon it.

I am excited to get started on these two tasks this weekend! Next week will be exciting and stressful and my mind will switch right back into design mode. For now, I’ll enjoy my last few minutes of productive freedom!



January 16, 2012

The Weekend at It’s Best!

I love weekends like this. They are so damn rare. Friday, I went out with my clackers, and I don’t even need to tell you what we did. All you probably need to know is that it was awesome, as always! I worked yesterday at Paper Source, and I must say, I still love it. I really enjoy going in there and interacting with customers (even the mean ones!), and I genuinely like my coworkers.  They all have a great sense of humor. I also enjoyed a night at Dog Pub with my babe, and perhaps a bit too much pizza and beer. Simple as hell, and just my kinda good time.

Since my apartment was in shambles, I spent a lot of the day cleaning up and getting myself organized. I made my final changes to the Peppy Paws materials, and now I’m just awaiting the final word from Monica. This project has been so much fun for me to work on. It also means a lot that my best friend trusts me enough with her business, her name sake, to make a visual identity for it. Means a lot!

Now the to-do’s left are for me, and me a lone. I have a lot decisions to make in terms of what I really want with a website and business plan. Am I ready for a business? I am- but only in a capacity I can handle. I want to make things for people who want it. Of that, I am sure! I need a better website- not the one I currently have up. After creating it, I sat back and realized it wasn’t really what I wanted! That would explain why I failed to hype it up, or put it out there to generate any business. I just wasn’t comfortable with it because it doesn’t represent me or what I want my business to be like. Back to the drawing board I go.

Thankfully, I am off tomorrow so I can putz around in my office and make things happen. I hope you all are enjoying your weekend, too.



January 12, 2012

Breaktime Productivity: Working with Monica’s Peppy Paws

I spent the first few weeks of winter break not doing anything, and it was glorious. It wasn’t until I saw my cushy little GPA that I felt renewed and confident in my abilities again that I decided to stop bullshitting. A few months back, Monica and I agreed that I would help her revamp her materials- business cards, client information cards, pricing sheets, and at some point, a new web page.  I  know she was looking for a simple yet colorful design and a new logo reflecting both of these things. I’m no illustrator, so she has no choice but to allow me to keep it simple! Hehe. I have spent the past week working on these things for her and so far,  I’ve come up with some decent work. We are currently in the process of tweaking some things, and then we are off to do a test run.

The Client Info Card

Front of Business Card

Back of Business Card

I can’t wait to the test run because then I can see how everything looks together as a cohesive package. I try my best to make revisions before that, but sometimes, things don’t jump out at you the same way. Lets hope the changes go smooth and that Monica is my next happy client!

January 5, 2012

The History of “I Ain’t Got Time”

It was the summer, of 2007, or 2008,…meh, who gives a shit. I’m almost 30 and I don’t have time to recall these dates.

It was during the summer a few years back, and Juli and I were students at Ball So Hard University. We were in a awesome condo right by the harbor, working, being cute, going out all the time, hollerin’, and being hollered at. We were fancy and fly, in our own unique way.

On occasion, we would get frustrated because people didn’t understand that being amazing was a full time job. Yes, we were arrogant, and we probably still are (just a lil’ bit), and our time was precious. Why would people try to clutter up our schedules with nonsense? I mean, we really didn’t have time for all that. When a parent would call us, offering up a lecture, we didn’t have time. When dudes were playing games and not being real with themselves or us, we let them know that we didn’t have time. When the perils of city life caused things like flat tires or broken car windows, we didn’t have time. And when someone even told my dear roomie to her face that she sounded arrogant because she stated that she didn’t have time, she let him know that we didn’t have time for that either! Didn’t he hear anything she just said?

Anyways, let me explain what exactly we meant when we said we don’t have time. Life is short. Me, Monica, and Juli had just lost one of our best friends, we were young, and trying to do right in the peak of our lives. When we came across situations that were less than favorable, we didn’t want to dwell on them, we wanted to move on. ON WITH THE NEXT is like the new “I ain’t got time.” Its about not living in the moments that aren’t so pretty, and moving quickly to create ones that are beautiful and much more pleasant.

Old pains, bad memories, shady exes or friends, evil bosses, jobs you hate, idle hands, and close minded people and places- These things ain’t worth your time!

What do you have time for? Family, friends, creating art, speaking freely but not hurtfully, forging my path, traveling, love, good drinks and food- I got time for that!

A Pic of Us, During Our Epic Era, In Las Vegas. We didn’t have time for anything but the best time.

January 4, 2012

Oh, THERE you are, job!

Today was my first day back after a wonderful winter break. I normally never take vacation time from Christmas through New Years, but since I had the leave, and I didn’t have the patience, I decided to treat myself with the time off. I meant to be productive, to create things, to clean things, and more, but I didn’t. I did a bit of cleaning and organizing, but other than that, I spent my days off reading, beer, family time, and daydreaming.

Those day dreams are no longer, and I’ve gone back to work. I was just as bored there today, as I was before I left. This boredom, in turn, got me to thinking…what I am doing, again? I wanted to use to use the winter break and my time off to think about some things, but I suppose I avoided those “things” like the plague. I wanted to create my vision board full of the things I hope to accomplish this year and beyond, and when I went to start, I felt like I couldn’t think straight. I got annoyed that I couldn’t figure out what I wanted, so I said fuck it. Every thing I thought of was something I liked to do, rather than something I wanted to accomplish. They were activities not goals. I was supposed to create goals, right? Well, what were they? Do I even know?

I feel like I have so many interests and so many things I want to do that I can’t narrow a few down into a career. I feel like deep in there is an entrepreneurial spirit, and the desire to create a name for myself, even on the most basic level. I think instead of me trying to focus my scatterbrain all over the place, on too many things at once, I will explore each one as deeply as I can, so I can say, “Yes I want to keep doing this” or “I don’t like this so much, but I’ve learned a lot.” I realize that I am driven, but unfocused, and I think that I’m going to add “Sorting through the mind clutter” to one of my 2012 goals. I’ll tuck that right under the “take care of self” goal. The fact that I sat down long enough to get my thoughts out in this post is amazing.