The End is Nigh?

The end of the semester has consumed my life. Revisions, projects, labs, various other time consuming happenings that are no fun. Outings with friends are still going in but with much more time in between, while the ment breakdowns and frustrations grow more frequent.

I have just a few more weeks of this semester. It has been arguably one of my most difficult. I just could not be excited or inspired about anything. I felt so restricted and unable to be creative, while at the same time, I had way too much open ended instruction. Ugh, I sound like some starving artist. I’ll be happy when the semester is done. I feel so tired and to be honest, I dont know if I can think about taking 2 courses in the spring and not gag. My mom suggested a semester off, with me picking back up in the spring. To be honest, I feel like it couldn’t hurt! My health and relationship with my own sf has suffered greatly while I tried to keep everything running smoothly at the same time. I think a time out might be an order.

In the mean time, getting Chelle up and runnig has really got me smiling. I have a lot to do but I am excited and much more willing to do this type of work than anything else. I have some things designed that I can’t wait to get printed, and my part time gig at paper source has been great. I really love the people I have met there and I hope
It evolves into something more permanent. The lovely access to beautiful things doesn’t help either.

This weekend, I’ll spend my time buried in HTML and CSS and then work on Chelle. I can’t wait for the end of the semester and the beginning of a new project!


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