Rounding out the week

I was lucky enough to have my typography assignment this week get the “it sucks” confirmation. It was a truly delightful experience for my teacher to admit that last weeks design was much more cutting edge than what I was able to submit this week. I felt like my design for last week was probably too good. I had to go home and try to carry that across to two more books, and honestly, it wasn’t happening. I couldn’t convey what I did in the first one, and so I had to sacrifice something somewhere, resulting in a shitty, very boring, very text book design. Lovely. I am going to spend the entire day revising, and cooking meals for the week in between.

In addition to my typography woes, I still hate intro to hypermedia. I just don’t grasp it. I feel like I can get CSS and HTML on their own, but not together. When I’m at home, completing an assignment, I feel like I am able to really accomplish something, but not when I’m sitting in that classroom with a two page quiz in my face. Since I’m trying to be proactive and not give up, me and my two classmates requested tutoring, and we are going to meet monday night with someone from the achievement office. Lets hope that she can explain it to me in a way where it clicks.

This semester, as you all know, has been a devil. I’m not sure why but I am so stressed out, but I feel like perhaps I’ve hit a wall. I want to say that I am one of those girls that can multitask, but I’m not. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Still, trying to keep on multitasking when you aren’t good at it doesn’t help make things go smoothly. I need to start living and working in the way that is best for me.

Last night I had this dream that William and I were on a flight somewhere (hopefully to Key West). I went to use the bathroom on the plane, and while I was in it, I could start to feel the plane descend, it got a bit turbulent, and I ran back to my seat where I clung to WIlliam, and looked out the window where I could see it flying into the trees. I remember sitting there waiting for the plane to hit the ground, and somehow, right when I was expecting us to crash, the plane made a landing on a road in the middle of the woods. We were escorted off the plane, and somehow, I remembered to get my purse….(weird). 

I googled the meaning. I didn’t expect the meaning to be good, but I was a little bit surprised. Most dream decoding websites I visited stated something to this effect: I’ve set high goals for myself but I am unlikely to achieve them because I am self defeating and I don’t believe in myself. If my plane crashed, then I may crash in real life too.

Since my plane didn’t crash, and actually came to a safe landing…does this change my outcome?


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