One More Month

School will be over in a month. Thank God! I thought that taking Words and Images was the hardest thing for me yet in this program, but I was wrong. This semester has been the hardest because I just feel so worn down. I’m not a big fan of html and css and I’m not sure why that is. Yes, its very satisfying to build a page and have it validate, and I know its an art form on its own to build a style sheet, but it doesn’t produce the same satisfaction for me. When I make the final print out of a project and mount it, present it, and get good reviews, it is completely uplifting. I love print! I just feel better producing a print piece. After being on the computer for 9 hours a day at work, it is just rather how I spend my time. Still, I know I need to be realistic- people need both, and I need to learn how to be multifaceted.

While I’m trying to pull through this semester, it was nice to get some kudos out of my typography teacher last night. He is one of the toughest cookies EVER. I still don’t know what it takes to get an A out of this guy, as I have only gotten one or 2. He consistently gives me a B or B+. Our assigment this week was to create 3 book covers (type and basic shapes only) that look as though they go in a series. We have to choose an author who has written three books, and create a series name. Design the covers as though they go together. Harder than I imagined! I chose Michael Pollan and three of his books about food. I came up with the cover below.

Since his books have to do with not only the nature, but the SCIENCE of food, I wanted to keep it looking more scientific. I felt like the circles represent particles, or atoms,or something of that nature (bear with me), and I chose to illustrate a stalk of corn because it is one of the most debated food products in the country, both in his book and outside of it.

He liked it. He actually liked it. He said he couldn’t think of anything wrong with it other than that for a TYPOGRAPHY class, there wasn’t enough play in the type (he’s right). He said It would be best for me to fully develop my series based on this idea and put it in my student portfolio because it would be a great book cover. That made me feel awesome. There are a few things I want to change, like making the dots a softer shade, and making the corn stalk less like a tulip, but other than that, I’ve got a winner. I think that after bombing an HOUR long quiz in HTML, It was nice to not leave school in tears , like I did last week and the week before. I hope I catch the hang of this!



2 Comments to “One More Month”

  1. LOL. I know exactly what you mean re: his grading. I got a couple of A’s, and the rest have all been B’s. I even got one C, which normally would have thrown my world into a tailspin. But I’m at a weird point in my school career where I have kind of stopped caring about…well, anything.

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