Toiling Away and Making Strides

This was a pretty good weekend! I spent a lot of it organizing myself and doing homework (bleh), but there were a lot of great things that came along with the boring parts. I love waking up on Saturdays and being productive in the morning, so when I get the opportunity to do it, I take advantage. I woke up at 7:30 am Saturday and took the fluffernutters for a walk and let them run all over the place. To heck with it- they were getting groomed so they could get all roughed up if they wanted to.

After dropping them off at the groomers and tackling a bit of homework, I got started on quite a few personal projects. I create a brand new website for an upcoming professional endeavor, set up the email, finalized my logo, and started on a few sample packages for my best friend, Monica, and her business, Peppy Paws. I can’t wait to show you  ( and her!) the final product, but I think she will be very happy. I also got a chance to write out a to do list for unfinished projects I have for my friends who are newly wedded and new parents! A trip to Paper Source in Bethesda resulted in an amazing rush with lots of inspiration, and I even had a great opportunity come up while in the store, but more on that later. I couldn’t have ended my night with better company than Melanie and Chris, two of “the clackers” who are awesome. All in all, a great weekend. I can’t wait to show you what I’m making, but here is a preview! Also, here are my babies fresh from the groomers…looking like naked rats. 


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