I wasn’t expecting you!


I really wasn’t expecting November to creep up on me so fast, but still, here it is. I am going to try to make my November the best one yet. No more lazy bones, no more sitting around waiting for inspiration to hit me. I’m going to go out and search for it! I recently celebrated three years with my gutter bird and I love him more than ever. The leaves outside are amazing, and the nastiness I may or may not have experienced from others or put out with my actions have me looking for more beautiful things within and in others. I feel good things coming, and If I expect a lot from November, I bet you I’ll get it!


2 Comments to “I wasn’t expecting you!”

  1. You guys have only been together 3 years? Why does it seem like so much longer to me? Miss you, Crystal! When I get back I want to do a wine night with you and catch up on Baltimore. 🙂

  2. i know! He is so embedded in my life…I can’t believe it.

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