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November 30, 2011

The End is Nigh?

The end of the semester has consumed my life. Revisions, projects, labs, various other time consuming happenings that are no fun. Outings with friends are still going in but with much more time in between, while the ment breakdowns and frustrations grow more frequent.

I have just a few more weeks of this semester. It has been arguably one of my most difficult. I just could not be excited or inspired about anything. I felt so restricted and unable to be creative, while at the same time, I had way too much open ended instruction. Ugh, I sound like some starving artist. I’ll be happy when the semester is done. I feel so tired and to be honest, I dont know if I can think about taking 2 courses in the spring and not gag. My mom suggested a semester off, with me picking back up in the spring. To be honest, I feel like it couldn’t hurt! My health and relationship with my own sf has suffered greatly while I tried to keep everything running smoothly at the same time. I think a time out might be an order.

In the mean time, getting Chelle up and runnig has really got me smiling. I have a lot to do but I am excited and much more willing to do this type of work than anything else. I have some things designed that I can’t wait to get printed, and my part time gig at paper source has been great. I really love the people I have met there and I hope
It evolves into something more permanent. The lovely access to beautiful things doesn’t help either.

This weekend, I’ll spend my time buried in HTML and CSS and then work on Chelle. I can’t wait for the end of the semester and the beginning of a new project!

November 20, 2011

Rounding out the week

I was lucky enough to have my typography assignment this week get the “it sucks” confirmation. It was a truly delightful experience for my teacher to admit that last weeks design was much more cutting edge than what I was able to submit this week. I felt like my design for last week was probably too good. I had to go home and try to carry that across to two more books, and honestly, it wasn’t happening. I couldn’t convey what I did in the first one, and so I had to sacrifice something somewhere, resulting in a shitty, very boring, very text book design. Lovely. I am going to spend the entire day revising, and cooking meals for the week in between.

In addition to my typography woes, I still hate intro to hypermedia. I just don’t grasp it. I feel like I can get CSS and HTML on their own, but not together. When I’m at home, completing an assignment, I feel like I am able to really accomplish something, but not when I’m sitting in that classroom with a two page quiz in my face. Since I’m trying to be proactive and not give up, me and my two classmates requested tutoring, and we are going to meet monday night with someone from the achievement office. Lets hope that she can explain it to me in a way where it clicks.

This semester, as you all know, has been a devil. I’m not sure why but I am so stressed out, but I feel like perhaps I’ve hit a wall. I want to say that I am one of those girls that can multitask, but I’m not. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. Still, trying to keep on multitasking when you aren’t good at it doesn’t help make things go smoothly. I need to start living and working in the way that is best for me.

Last night I had this dream that William and I were on a flight somewhere (hopefully to Key West). I went to use the bathroom on the plane, and while I was in it, I could start to feel the plane descend, it got a bit turbulent, and I ran back to my seat where I clung to WIlliam, and looked out the window where I could see it flying into the trees. I remember sitting there waiting for the plane to hit the ground, and somehow, right when I was expecting us to crash, the plane made a landing on a road in the middle of the woods. We were escorted off the plane, and somehow, I remembered to get my purse….(weird). 

I googled the meaning. I didn’t expect the meaning to be good, but I was a little bit surprised. Most dream decoding websites I visited stated something to this effect: I’ve set high goals for myself but I am unlikely to achieve them because I am self defeating and I don’t believe in myself. If my plane crashed, then I may crash in real life too.

Since my plane didn’t crash, and actually came to a safe landing…does this change my outcome?

November 16, 2011

I am FINISHED with these Book Covers.

I could not be more done. I am exhausted from looking at typefaces, and I finally settled on Adobe Caslon Pro, and Zapfino.  Let’s hope Max likes them as well. Do they look like a cohesive unit?


November 13, 2011

Second Book Cover

I’ve stopped partying and working long enough this weekend to do some homework. I’m on my second book cover for typography and I’m really easing into the assignment. While making grains, vegetables, and proteins with basic shapes is actually more challenging than you might think, it is a FUN challenge. I really like my second cover, and I matt even revise the last one to match it better. One of Max’s criticisms was that there wasn’t enough ACTUAL typography. Fair enough, since it is a typography class. Anyways, this is the second book in my “series.”

November 11, 2011

One More Month

School will be over in a month. Thank God! I thought that taking Words and Images was the hardest thing for me yet in this program, but I was wrong. This semester has been the hardest because I just feel so worn down. I’m not a big fan of html and css and I’m not sure why that is. Yes, its very satisfying to build a page and have it validate, and I know its an art form on its own to build a style sheet, but it doesn’t produce the same satisfaction for me. When I make the final print out of a project and mount it, present it, and get good reviews, it is completely uplifting. I love print! I just feel better producing a print piece. After being on the computer for 9 hours a day at work, it is just rather how I spend my time. Still, I know I need to be realistic- people need both, and I need to learn how to be multifaceted.

While I’m trying to pull through this semester, it was nice to get some kudos out of my typography teacher last night. He is one of the toughest cookies EVER. I still don’t know what it takes to get an A out of this guy, as I have only gotten one or 2. He consistently gives me a B or B+. Our assigment this week was to create 3 book covers (type and basic shapes only) that look as though they go in a series. We have to choose an author who has written three books, and create a series name. Design the covers as though they go together. Harder than I imagined! I chose Michael Pollan and three of his books about food. I came up with the cover below.

Since his books have to do with not only the nature, but the SCIENCE of food, I wanted to keep it looking more scientific. I felt like the circles represent particles, or atoms,or something of that nature (bear with me), and I chose to illustrate a stalk of corn because it is one of the most debated food products in the country, both in his book and outside of it.

He liked it. He actually liked it. He said he couldn’t think of anything wrong with it other than that for a TYPOGRAPHY class, there wasn’t enough play in the type (he’s right). He said It would be best for me to fully develop my series based on this idea and put it in my student portfolio because it would be a great book cover. That made me feel awesome. There are a few things I want to change, like making the dots a softer shade, and making the corn stalk less like a tulip, but other than that, I’ve got a winner. I think that after bombing an HOUR long quiz in HTML, It was nice to not leave school in tears , like I did last week and the week before. I hope I catch the hang of this!


November 7, 2011

Toiling Away and Making Strides

This was a pretty good weekend! I spent a lot of it organizing myself and doing homework (bleh), but there were a lot of great things that came along with the boring parts. I love waking up on Saturdays and being productive in the morning, so when I get the opportunity to do it, I take advantage. I woke up at 7:30 am Saturday and took the fluffernutters for a walk and let them run all over the place. To heck with it- they were getting groomed so they could get all roughed up if they wanted to.

After dropping them off at the groomers and tackling a bit of homework, I got started on quite a few personal projects. I create a brand new website for an upcoming professional endeavor, set up the email, finalized my logo, and started on a few sample packages for my best friend, Monica, and her business, Peppy Paws. I can’t wait to show you  ( and her!) the final product, but I think she will be very happy. I also got a chance to write out a to do list for unfinished projects I have for my friends who are newly wedded and new parents! A trip to Paper Source in Bethesda resulted in an amazing rush with lots of inspiration, and I even had a great opportunity come up while in the store, but more on that later. I couldn’t have ended my night with better company than Melanie and Chris, two of “the clackers” who are awesome. All in all, a great weekend. I can’t wait to show you what I’m making, but here is a preview! Also, here are my babies fresh from the groomers…looking like naked rats. 

November 2, 2011

Calendar Days

For typography this week, we had to design a calendar featuring one type family, and include on that page, 200 words about the creator. I struggled with this quite a bit. As I’ve said before, choosing type doesn’t come naturally to me, and I go back and forth with myself a lot when choosing typefaces to work with.

I ended up Josefin Sans, and I’m so glad that I did. I actually love this typeface! I don’t really like Helvetica because people use it so much, but I still like the look of a swedish style typeface. I ended up choosing the month of January, for the sake of the assignment, and focusing on a theme of the months fading in and out as you get closer to the end/start of the year. Since I couldn’t use any graphics, I fluffed it up with some color. I liked this assignment a lot, despite struggling with it a bit.

November 2, 2011

I wasn’t expecting you!


I really wasn’t expecting November to creep up on me so fast, but still, here it is. I am going to try to make my November the best one yet. No more lazy bones, no more sitting around waiting for inspiration to hit me. I’m going to go out and search for it! I recently celebrated three years with my gutter bird and I love him more than ever. The leaves outside are amazing, and the nastiness I may or may not have experienced from others or put out with my actions have me looking for more beautiful things within and in others. I feel good things coming, and If I expect a lot from November, I bet you I’ll get it!