I really like…

Ohio State University for going there. In preparation for Halloween, they created the “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” campaign. I know that there are tons of people who go as sluttier and/or dead versions of various professions and people, but those imitating cultures raise some good questions. How far can you push it before it becomes offensive? I won’t lie- I am pretty liberal in two ways- politically, and humorously. I will say almost anything if I KNOW it will get a good joke, but I also limit it to a time and place. Is Halloween the place? Either way, when you hold up a picture of someone in black face garb and makeup next to a young black woman, you can’t deny the image is powerful.  The same goes for Mexicans, geishas, and who ever else we feel the need to imitate.  Should the line be drawn just before culturally stereotypical costumes? I’m dying to know what people think…..

Is this ok?

Is this ok?


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