Get to the Point!

Our typography assignment for this past week was to apply some of the typography principles we have learned to a poster. Max wanted us to create a focal point, and logically group elements together. We had a specific set of wording we had to use., which I love. I really like when we have certain restrictions, because it prevents me from over-thinking, and adding needless elements to a design. I really like that about Max- he gives us only what we need, but still keeps it challenging. If we aren’t worried about certain details, then we can focus on the ones that really make the design stand out.

In my poster, I tried to focus on movement throughout the page.  I wanted your eyes to immediately go to the quote in the middle (obvs cause its big!), and then for your eyes to flow from the top of the page around to the bottom, picking up on the hierarchy of information. What do you think?


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