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October 31, 2011

I really like…

Ohio State University for going there. In preparation for Halloween, they created the “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” campaign. I know that there are tons of people who go as sluttier and/or dead versions of various professions and people, but those imitating cultures raise some good questions. How far can you push it before it becomes offensive? I won’t lie- I am pretty liberal in two ways- politically, and humorously. I will say almost anything if I KNOW it will get a good joke, but I also limit it to a time and place. Is Halloween the place? Either way, when you hold up a picture of someone in black face garb and makeup next to a young black woman, you can’t deny the image is powerful.  The same goes for Mexicans, geishas, and who ever else we feel the need to imitate.  Should the line be drawn just before culturally stereotypical costumes? I’m dying to know what people think…..

Is this ok?

Is this ok?

October 27, 2011

Get to the Point!

Our typography assignment for this past week was to apply some of the typography principles we have learned to a poster. Max wanted us to create a focal point, and logically group elements together. We had a specific set of wording we had to use., which I love. I really like when we have certain restrictions, because it prevents me from over-thinking, and adding needless elements to a design. I really like that about Max- he gives us only what we need, but still keeps it challenging. If we aren’t worried about certain details, then we can focus on the ones that really make the design stand out.

In my poster, I tried to focus on movement throughout the page.  I wanted your eyes to immediately go to the quote in the middle (obvs cause its big!), and then for your eyes to flow from the top of the page around to the bottom, picking up on the hierarchy of information. What do you think?

October 20, 2011

I still don’t like anything, and it doesn’t matter.

I still don’t like anything. I’m still disenchanted with school. I still feel like I have no time for anything. I still want a degree in Publications Design. So I’m going to shut the fuck up, and just keep going. What else can one do at this point in time? I didn’t spend a year and a half in this program to puss out and just stop or cut back. So I will keep going and do it as long as I can stand it. With that being said, I need to do this for the dream I have of being self employed. Why else would I invest in myself so heavily? I need to keep that in mind at all times. I know I don’t get particularly thrilled by Typography (blasphemous, I know) and Hypermedia is kicking my butt right now, but they are stepping stones to where I want to go. So I have to use them and move them.

I’m currently taking an assessment that will help me decide what my passion is in life, and  I’m really curious to see what this assessment says about me and what I desire to do with my time. It is no secret how disenchanted I am with my day to day. Finding the underlying motivation for wanting to accomplish my goals will really help me stay on track and stay motivated. I can’t wait to finish the assessment. I’ll have to post the results so you all can tell me what you think!

October 16, 2011

Juli Got :::Hitched!:::

The past year has been filled with quite a few amazing events but none as dear to my heart as my best friend getting married. Juli and Thomas have such an amazing chemistry and passion and true love for one another and it was amazing to finally see them get hitched! It was a long year of hard work and planning for her, even though it was a small, tight knit affair, but it was beautiful. I’m so glad I was there for every part of their Journey together! Here are a few of my favorite photos that I have uploaded thus far from the wedding…There are many more to come!

October 5, 2011

In a funk…

I am in a massive funk this week, but I did remember to glance at these photos, in the hopes that I will remember a few simple  or small things I love.


William being fat on vacation, the beach, fall scarves,  Brown Oxfords with Argyles, and New Friendships

October 3, 2011

My island in the sun: Key West

I have fallen in love. Might I never recommend going to Florida when the weather in your hometown is in a shitty state of transition after a hurricane. Key West enticed me, called to me, beckoned me to bathe in the sun on its shores, and so I did. I left for 4 days, with my beau, and **almost** didn’t come back.

There was something incredibly amazing about the keys. It seems so far away from the rest of the mainland. I get this similar feeling when I visit Puerto Rico. As my best friend, Juli, put it, it is amazing that you can take a plane ride just a few hours away and feel SO completely different. It was honestly just what we needed.

I have never been to the Keys before, but just the drive alone induced the “runaway” feeling. I wanted to pack my shit up and leave for the keys ASAP! Someone lied to me and told me it was 2 hours, but really it was a three hour drive. We were exhausted when we arrived late that night, so we did nothing but grab some beer and water, then hit the sack at our hotel, the Coconut Mallory. The room we had was nice, and the resort was decent, but really just because it was our first time.  We were closer to the Marina, and I’d like to be closer to Duvall Street next time (not ON it, just closer). Also, the hotel didn’t offer much in the way of amenities. Our towels never got restocked (we had to ask several times and finally just found the towel room ourselves), and despite hanging the tag on the door, we never had our room cleaned.  Also, a cardinal sin was committed- a pool that was non clean. Not a bad place, just not the greatest.

Either way, we didn’t spend a lot of time in the room. The town is so gorgeous, that why would we want to? We immediately went to Ft. Zachary Taylor Beach, and enjoyed a few hours in some CLEAR sparkling water. The bottom is quite rocky, but it wasn’t unbearable in some spots. You just had to swim past the rocky bar. William isn’t even that much of a beach person, but he loved this beach. For a few bucks we rented the chairs and an umbrella and he kicked back for a few. It was the best. The following day it rained so badly in key west that people were literally swimming down Duvall. The water was up to four feet in some spots! We were really glad we rented a GMC Acadia and not the stupid Challenger that William’s inner rock star wanted. The best part was that we weren’t sad it was raining. We went shopping 🙂 AND because I have the best friend a girl could ever want, I was pleasantly surprised by a facial that morning at a beautiful spa on the water. It was a thank you from Juli for all of the wedding stuff. I was totally taken back and it made me feel really special. I love her and William for conspiring such a great morning! I had a hang over, too, so I needed it. lol.

I spent a lot of time at the bar- obviously. I loved the Rum Bar at the Speakeasy Inn, Rick’s, Sloppy Joes, and Bagatelle. Alonzo’s has a squishy place in my heart, however. It was there that I surprised one of my best friends from childhood, who is now a full time resident of the Conch Republic. Jessi is a bartender extraordinaire, and she really made THE BEST mojitos. Alonzo’s also has some delicious baked Oysters, cause I don’t do that raw shit. I had a great time hanging out with Jessi and her husband, Joe, and I’ll name drop the hell out of Alonzo’s for those headed to Key West. 🙂

Overall I had so many great moments there. Time alone with William, alone with myself and my thoughts, with good friends, and of course lots of drinks and good food!

There are more pics to come, but here is a sampling:

The beach, and William eating a cow’s worth of ribs at Margaritaville. We thought Margaritaville was going to be horrible, but we actually got the best service and some of the best food there- the fish tacos were great, and Fats McGee over here at ALL those ribs.