Nerd Life Has Returned

I’m heading into my third week back in school. There is no transition period. I feel like when you are in school, you are either busy, or you are not. There is no in between. I definitely have reading that still needs grazing over and an FTP Client to Download (I think I’ve decided to just buy Fetch).  I did download TextWrangler last night so that I could have a free HTML editor at home, so I’m all set there.  For Typography, I sent in my second homework last night. The assignment was to pick five letters from a Classic or Transitional typeface and label all 16 parts of the letters. It was interesting for me because type feels so familiar, yet I didn’t know the names of all its parts. I thought it was a good exercise. I thought maybe I was over thinking the assignment, and likely I was. It was best I keep it simple. That approach always works for me.

Click below and tell me what your favorite part of the letter is …

Assignment 2_16 Letter Parts


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