Awesome Streak

I’m on a 5 day long awesome streak. Yes, I know, it is rare. Still, I hope it doesn’t stop any time soon. I spent the weekend in an amazing bed and breakfast outside of Chincoteage, VA hanging with my baby and my two little furbabies.  Summer doesn’t get much better than drinking on the beach, tipsily spewing mushy goodness to my man, eating a crap ton of sea food, then snuggling up in a cozy bed. If you have never been to Chincoteage and Assateague, I suggest you go! It is beautiful and serene, but there is still plenty to do, and it seems like that is the way a good beach area should be. We stayed at the Garden and the Sea Inn in New Church, which is just over the line from Maryland. It was absolutely wonderful. I think me and William may make it “our spot.”

I came home to a pretty decent day at work, and an email from CBS Local giving me the green light on freelancing for online content. I couldn’t be more excited! If it wasn’t for Sara prodding me to go ahead and grow a sack, I would have never taken the first step at getting back to my passion, so I’m grateful for that.

Anyways, I’ve got a great amount of pics to upload from the trip, and also for some upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned. It gets better!!!




One Comment to “Awesome Streak”

  1. You are totally awesome and I love you bunches! I think if we head back to the States during such nice weather, we’ll join you guys! Keep up the awesome streak Miss! We miss you out here in Rome 🙂

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