Spring Get-Away

If I’ve ever talked to you about my desire to travel, then you know I am a scaredy cat, who is just getting hip to the game.  Still, I think I’m doing pretty good since making a resolve a few years ago to explore this world.  I started with Mexico,  then Italy this past spring, and I’m currently brainstorming about where to go next.

Greece has always been a huuuuuge draw for me.  I have always admired Greece for the beauty and history it has (like Italy!) and I have every intention of going. I love the literature, food, historical sites, wine.  Having trouble understanding? Watch this video from Greece’s tourism site.

I have also feel a tug in my heart to go to South Africa.  AFRICA! Can you visit a more amazing destination? Not to think of visiting the continent as some sort of “going home” trip, but I’d like to see how well the history has blended with the present after so much. Not to mention that the land is beautiful, teeming with its own fare share of wines, art, wildlife, and diverse culture.

Hell Yes

I’m currently researching both trips through Gutsy Women Travel, which is run by Trafalgar. I can’t wait to book it next month. Saving for such big trips will be hard, but deciding where to go is even harder!


One Comment to “Spring Get-Away”

  1. hmph… we want you to visit us in thailand. 🙂

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