The Mini Protest is Over!

For some reason, I’ve been in protest of my self.  I’ve been unmotivated, uninspired, lazy, and disenchanted with anything but sitting on my ass. It seems that when I don’t get any free time to do my own thing, I get bitchy within and start to withdraw from the outside. I stay inside my own head and I don’t like sharing myself.  It didn’t help that I have been feeling less than stellar with my health. But honestly, what does sitting on your ass do except make you want to do it EVEN MORE? It’s time for me to stop whining, and start movin’.

I have a pretty busy month coming up in August, so there isn’t time for me to slow down. I have to set some goals for myself and make a true effort.  School is starting soon and I want to be in the correct mindset- not acting like an Eyore or Debbie Downer. Nobody likes  Deb.

When I get in these downswings, the best thing I can do is look at the things that make me happy, and recall what it was like to first be inspired. I look at my pin boards on Pinterest. I recall how energetic and healthy I was a year and a half ago at a lesser weight.  I start to make plans, to take the time to myself back, and be productive with it instead of brooding like I’m in Twilight or some nonsense.

Don’t worry- I’m back 🙂 Its time to get started!


One Comment to “The Mini Protest is Over!”

  1. It’s like one of Newton’s Laws: An object at rest will stay at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion, unless acted upon by outside forces.

    I always remind myself of that if I am feeling lazy or lethargic. It usually get’s me going again.

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