Weekend Love <3

This weekend was beautiful. Weather that I wish we had year round, good food, good friends, and a bit of relaxing. After a hellacious week, it was just what I needed!

10 West Preston is up and running, and I really enjoyed the experience of this Independent Study. I have the privilege of going to school with some very talented, hardworking people. We all had different things to bring to the table and because of that, the project worked wonderfully. I absolutely loved it and I am so proud of the website. If you haven’t visited it, I suggest you check it out!  I did the photography for the site and I am happy with my work on this project.

I enjoyed a Saturday full of design- I’ve been working on Juli’s wedding invitations, and they are coming along great. I feel really honored that she trusted me to do such an important part of her big day, and I want to make her proud. So far so good! I woke up early yesterday, had a leisurely breakfast, and worked all morning on the invites. I did a test print yesterday and Kinkos, and we will print the finals next weekend.

I also love that the dogs keep me company underneath the desk

After that, it was off to Jaleo for some of the best Spanish tapas in the land. Jose Andres really knows what he is doing. I went to bed happy and warm and didn’t wake my butt up until 10 AM this morning 🙂


One Comment to “Weekend Love <3”

  1. Your breakfast looks so much healthier and tastier than mine… It’s funny but I actually really do miss grapefruits (they are fairly pricey over here and they aren’t available at the local street markets– you have to go to the fancy western grocery store in the city and they cost roughly 4-5 dollars a piece… seriously…). I am eating a soft-fried egg (kai dow) with rice– boring.

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