Thank God for Long Weekends!

This week has really been a doozy. My workload has doubled during the day job and has stressed me out a bit. Luckily, last weekend was incredibly productive. I was able to figure out a lot in terms of the design for Juli’s wedding invites (more to come on that this weekend) and I dabbled in Illustrator quite a bit. I’m trying to do certain projects that allow me to become more comfortable with using the programs. I can’t say, “well I don’t know how to do that” and not even TRY to figure it out.  Everything is a learning experience, and I get excited when I figure out even the smallest of tasks in the ADOBE programs. I worked on some stationery items, which really makes me happy because  I love paper goods! I’m even thinking of taking a letterpress workshop class and if all goes well, investing in my own letterpress machine for the home. One of my goals this year was to create  stationery and even gifts for friends using my design knowledge. So far so good.

The ladies of 10 West Preston and I are also moving into the final stages of our project.  Our group took some editor photos to include with our bios and even though the light was working against me, some of them came out pretty good. I have to say, I work with a bunch of pretty girls! They are all very photogenic.  Visuals to come in the next post!


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