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July 29, 2011

The Mini Protest is Over!

For some reason, I’ve been in protest of my self.  I’ve been unmotivated, uninspired, lazy, and disenchanted with anything but sitting on my ass. It seems that when I don’t get any free time to do my own thing, I get bitchy within and start to withdraw from the outside. I stay inside my own head and I don’t like sharing myself.  It didn’t help that I have been feeling less than stellar with my health. But honestly, what does sitting on your ass do except make you want to do it EVEN MORE? It’s time for me to stop whining, and start movin’.

I have a pretty busy month coming up in August, so there isn’t time for me to slow down. I have to set some goals for myself and make a true effort.  School is starting soon and I want to be in the correct mindset- not acting like an Eyore or Debbie Downer. Nobody likes  Deb.

When I get in these downswings, the best thing I can do is look at the things that make me happy, and recall what it was like to first be inspired. I look at my pin boards on Pinterest. I recall how energetic and healthy I was a year and a half ago at a lesser weight.  I start to make plans, to take the time to myself back, and be productive with it instead of brooding like I’m in Twilight or some nonsense.

Don’t worry- I’m back 🙂 Its time to get started!

July 18, 2011

Practice Makes Stationery

One of the ways I’ve been able to get comfy with Illustrator and Photoshop is through making my stationery. I’m sure that every art fart out there right now wants to make pretty things and sell them and be come some online/Etsy superstar, and I’m not ashamed that I do, too.  I like thinking of a cutesy design to make and then using my tools to put them out on paper. It comes with a lot of challenges sometimes. I’ll think of an idea, assuming it is really easy, and hours later, I’m still working on it. I don’t know how to use every tool in Illustrator and Photoshop, but my comfort level with the programs are coming closer to my ease in using InDesign.  I imagine that this is what people meant when they said learn that software well!

Since last week was my birthday, I decided to make a thank you cards for everyone that gave me something special. I am starting to appreciate letter writing as an art form, and how special it makes me feel when I get a handwritten note from someone I care about.

I treated myself to a pack of neutral toned card stock from Kinkos , and a few sizes in envelopes from Paper Source. Paper Source has a great selection of stuff! Since I’m still experimenting with different textures and designs, so I find myself looking at their products a lot. They have section envelopes that may have minor defects, but are still suitable to use.  My favorite are the natural brown envelopes that have a recycled look to them. I think making these cute little items are only giving me more ideas for products!

July 17, 2011

Weekend Love <3

This weekend was beautiful. Weather that I wish we had year round, good food, good friends, and a bit of relaxing. After a hellacious week, it was just what I needed!

10 West Preston is up and running, and I really enjoyed the experience of this Independent Study. I have the privilege of going to school with some very talented, hardworking people. We all had different things to bring to the table and because of that, the project worked wonderfully. I absolutely loved it and I am so proud of the website. If you haven’t visited it, I suggest you check it out!  I did the photography for the site and I am happy with my work on this project.

I enjoyed a Saturday full of design- I’ve been working on Juli’s wedding invitations, and they are coming along great. I feel really honored that she trusted me to do such an important part of her big day, and I want to make her proud. So far so good! I woke up early yesterday, had a leisurely breakfast, and worked all morning on the invites. I did a test print yesterday and Kinkos, and we will print the finals next weekend.

I also love that the dogs keep me company underneath the desk

After that, it was off to Jaleo for some of the best Spanish tapas in the land. Jose Andres really knows what he is doing. I went to bed happy and warm and didn’t wake my butt up until 10 AM this morning 🙂

July 8, 2011

Mid Modern Mash Up

Mid Modern Mash Up

Elko Credenza
$2,710 –

Cotton Spruce Napkin
$2.95 –

Elio Orange Vase
$16 –

Bel-Air Round Coffee Table
$599 –

Dixie Pillow –
$19 –

July 4, 2011

Messing around with Illustrator




I made a forest similar to one I pinned on my pinterest a few weeks ago :0

July 2, 2011

Saturday Morning Stats

My love abandoned me for NYC last night ( I’m so dramatic) so I could barely sleep. I woke up at 7:30 in the morning to both dogs taking over the bed like the little heathens they are , so I had no choice. Since  William will be back tomorrow, I am going to spend some time with myself today, organizing, blogging, creating, photographing, etc. I spent my coffee hour outside reading the Photography Annual of Communication Arts magazine (so fucking good) and Tina Fey’s Bossypants (so fucking funny).

Ps- I got mad tomatoes growing, and my grill is fucking awesome.


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July 1, 2011

The Ladies of 10 West Preston

Photos of Katrina, Vienna and Sara by Moi, and The Photo of me was taken by Katrina

July 1, 2011

Thank God for Long Weekends!

This week has really been a doozy. My workload has doubled during the day job and has stressed me out a bit. Luckily, last weekend was incredibly productive. I was able to figure out a lot in terms of the design for Juli’s wedding invites (more to come on that this weekend) and I dabbled in Illustrator quite a bit. I’m trying to do certain projects that allow me to become more comfortable with using the programs. I can’t say, “well I don’t know how to do that” and not even TRY to figure it out.  Everything is a learning experience, and I get excited when I figure out even the smallest of tasks in the ADOBE programs. I worked on some stationery items, which really makes me happy because  I love paper goods! I’m even thinking of taking a letterpress workshop class and if all goes well, investing in my own letterpress machine for the home. One of my goals this year was to create  stationery and even gifts for friends using my design knowledge. So far so good.

The ladies of 10 West Preston and I are also moving into the final stages of our project.  Our group took some editor photos to include with our bios and even though the light was working against me, some of them came out pretty good. I have to say, I work with a bunch of pretty girls! They are all very photogenic.  Visuals to come in the next post!