This fine week in June….

This week my independent study group will finally begin working on our actual blog and selecting submissions. I am so excited to get to it! I love my group and they are really a pleasure to work with, so I look forward to putting heads together with them every week. We finalized a logo, call to submissions posters, and we are getting ready to rock. Here is what we came up with, after some help from our group advisor.


On a personal level, I have a good bit on my plate for side projects. I’m working on some wedding goodies for a few friends, and I’m also working on creating stationery, since that was one of my big goals. I created my first piece today, and hope to tweak it and add more pieces as the week goes on.

Another thing I MUST create soon is a new resume. My good friend Sara and I were discussing this daunting task last week since she was going through the process herself, and we agree resumes are just tuff. Not only do you have to show that you have the talent, education, experience, and drive, but with a graphic design resume, you have to show it visually, too. Putting words on paper isn’t enough. That is a big, big thing on my to do list, so I’m currently brainstorming how I want to carry that out. Perhaps something will come to me while I get some really good sleep tonight 🙂 More as the week goes on!


One Comment to “This fine week in June….”

  1. I used to love writing resumes– but now, the thought alone makes my heart leap in my throat. Blah. Good luck, Crystal. Love the logo, btw!

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