June Is Shaping Up


I started the summer off with wine tastings and a week of relaxation, but now things are really in full swing again.  I recently took a trip to Milwaukee, and I have a weekend in Assateague coming up. Naturally, the week is stuffed like sausage casing- 2 meetings at school plus various projects.

I’m taking an independent study with Vienna, Sara, and Katrina, and we are creating a digital showcase of the Publications Design Student Work.  I’m excited to be apart of the blog, 10 West Preston. Not only do I have very talented peers, but they are also fun and inspiring. I can’t wait to see first hand what other people are coming up with, and I’m very excited to submit some work of my own. While this program keeps me very busy, I am more and more happy in the field the further along I go.  We are all going to create a flyer/poster for the call of entries, and I’m trying to branch out of my own personal style, which to me, looks overly feminine all the time.  My goal is to have somethings in my portfolio that are clean and a bit less neutral in color. I also can’t wait to futz around with my MediaLoot Library. WOO WOO! Pics are to come.

I have a few things on my agenda for the week. I’m sure I’ll add to the list!

  • Finally post the photos I’ve been hoarding on my SD card
  • Do a mock-up of Juli’s wedding invites (hope hope hope and pray)

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