To A Splendiferous Summer

This weekend couldn’t have been a greater start to my summer. I don’t know what screams summertime more than a three day weekend! Not only did I have a lot of fun, but I was extremely productive. After a great day trip to Atlantic City, I finally got a chance to spend some quality time in my own damn apartment. I know that sounds like it shouldn’t be a big deal, but get very ornery when I don’t spend enough time in my home with the things I am comfortable with. My productivity also goes down and things start falling by the wayside, and it makes me feel like I will become unraveled. So this weekend I rearranged my office and my living room, and did a good clean up of our bedroom. All the mess is out of the way and I can comfortably begin my side projects! Things are much easier to accomplish for me. I have a lot in the works and quite a few summer goals….


  • Various invites and side projects for friends
  • Create my own personalized stationery and business cards
  • Create holiday cards for the year
  • Most importantly….the Independent Study!!!!
Here is to a productive and sunny summer 🙂 It seems to be starting off great so far…

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One Comment to “To A Splendiferous Summer”

  1. Nice plantings! I really want to start growing orchids and lotuses while I am in Thailand– the only problem is Sigma loves to pull lily pads (and an occasional fish or two) out of our pond!

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