Expert Internet Surfer- Websites I love Part 1

The only thing older than the joke about government employees always being on the internet, is the internet itself. Yes, I do look at the internet while I’m at work, but honestly, it isn’t my fault. My tracking system is so slow that I will read a blog or two while in between tasks until my system updates, and then I move on to the next task.  This may slow down my work, but heck, the system isn’t going anywhere and I have found some amazing sites to peruse as a result. I have gathered quiet a few favorites….

Pinterest – “…a Place to Categorize the Things You Love.” Yup, this sums it up! I absolutely love this site. As someone who finds an overwhelming amount of inspiration every day, this site is wonderful to keep it all straight. Every time I find something I love, I attach it to this virtual pin board, and I know I won’t ever forget it. You can create a board for anything. Some of my “pins” go to boards created for Kitchens, Bedroom, and House Decor, Personal Style, Graphics and Typography that I love, and so much more. Brides often use it for wedding, and people pin recipes, too. This site is amazing, and its like visiting a closet full of everything that is your style.

Apartment Therapy – Home decorating, furniture, architecture, endless products, recipes, house tours and more. This website is such a great jumping point for people who don’t know where they want to start in creating a comfy home in their style, and a wonderful current home events tool for people who do. I feel in love with this site because of their house tours, which take you inside hopes of all sizes and styles that are decorated on every budget out there. I love taking a realistic look at how people live and then seeing how I can improve upon what I already have. A lot of what Apartment Therapy does is encourage people to get rid of what they don’t like and use what they already have to enhance their homes, and I love that idea. Plus, their annual Small Cool contest is amazing and lets us see how even people with homes that are as small as 300 feet.

Aaaaand because I like to laugh at inappropriate shit- The Oatmeal –  Seriously just go look at this shit. I am not even going to describe it.


2 Comments to “Expert Internet Surfer- Websites I love Part 1”

  1. Applied for Pinterest– what a great site concept. Thanks for the post, girl!

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