Buh-Bye to Tumblr

Hello WordPress!

Because I have been living under a rock for quite some time, I was using Tumblr as a blogging platform.  With all their crashes and what not, I figured it was time to fetch myself a grown up platform but I kept jingle jangling and putting it off.  Last night, my classmates and a professor encouraged me to get cracking and switch platforms, and I’m very glad that I did! I’m very happy with the layout options and how easy it is to connect this to my blogs, and I can’t believe I waited to long. The blog transfer site Tumblr to WordPress helped me transfer all of my posts, too, so they wouldn’t be lost.  I’m starting to really get myself involved in the social media thing, but this time, not for the purpose of stalking people I don’t even care about on Facebook. I really love the idea of networking and I am excited to create these outlets and webs of relationships. Here is to the positive changes, and remember….I AIN’T GOT TIME!


2 Comments to “Buh-Bye to Tumblr”

  1. I love reading your posts – they are soooo you! I mean I can just see your face as if you were talking them! Congrats on all the new stuff you got going on and keep it up!! None of us have time for much anymore – everything is soo fast paced – we cant keep up with our daily lives! 🙂

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