Words and Images = The Past

Well, ladies and gentleman. It has finally come. The end of Words and Motherfucking Images. This class was a hellacious, unrealistic look into the world of graphic design and I couldn’t be more enthused that it is finished. While I wish I could have had more time to work on certain projects, I’m pretty happy with the outcome of everything. I had to revise only one project because the grade was absolutely unacceptable. Unfortunately their grading is insanely off base and I can’t really rely on it to give me a good idea of what my actual talent is, but to hell with it. I am really just happy to be done. 

But since I love to torture myself, I’m taking an independent study this summer that will task us with creating a publication for the program to showcase our student work. I’m really excited that I have signed up for it, and I’m even MORE excited that I’m doing with classmates who I personally and academically admire. Below is my Eugene Lang aka Project 5- which was by far, the most difficult project of the semester. The writing and the design were hard, because it required extensive knowledge on a place we knew nothing about. Because there were so many restrictions and limitations, it proved to be my cross to bear this semester. Now it is time to put it to bed. Stay tuned for the summer life! 

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