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May 30, 2011

To A Splendiferous Summer

This weekend couldn’t have been a greater start to my summer. I don’t know what screams summertime more than a three day weekend! Not only did I have a lot of fun, but I was extremely productive. After a great day trip to Atlantic City, I finally got a chance to spend some quality time in my own damn apartment. I know that sounds like it shouldn’t be a big deal, but get very ornery when I don’t spend enough time in my home with the things I am comfortable with. My productivity also goes down and things start falling by the wayside, and it makes me feel like I will become unraveled. So this weekend I rearranged my office and my living room, and did a good clean up of our bedroom. All the mess is out of the way and I can comfortably begin my side projects! Things are much easier to accomplish for me. I have a lot in the works and quite a few summer goals….


  • Various invites and side projects for friends
  • Create my own personalized stationery and business cards
  • Create holiday cards for the year
  • Most importantly….the Independent Study!!!!
Here is to a productive and sunny summer 🙂 It seems to be starting off great so far…

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May 27, 2011

Know your [WORTH]

May 27, 2011

Expert Internet Surfer- Websites I love Part 1

The only thing older than the joke about government employees always being on the internet, is the internet itself. Yes, I do look at the internet while I’m at work, but honestly, it isn’t my fault. My tracking system is so slow that I will read a blog or two while in between tasks until my system updates, and then I move on to the next task.  This may slow down my work, but heck, the system isn’t going anywhere and I have found some amazing sites to peruse as a result. I have gathered quiet a few favorites….

Pinterest – “…a Place to Categorize the Things You Love.” Yup, this sums it up! I absolutely love this site. As someone who finds an overwhelming amount of inspiration every day, this site is wonderful to keep it all straight. Every time I find something I love, I attach it to this virtual pin board, and I know I won’t ever forget it. You can create a board for anything. Some of my “pins” go to boards created for Kitchens, Bedroom, and House Decor, Personal Style, Graphics and Typography that I love, and so much more. Brides often use it for wedding, and people pin recipes, too. This site is amazing, and its like visiting a closet full of everything that is your style.

Apartment Therapy – Home decorating, furniture, architecture, endless products, recipes, house tours and more. This website is such a great jumping point for people who don’t know where they want to start in creating a comfy home in their style, and a wonderful current home events tool for people who do. I feel in love with this site because of their house tours, which take you inside hopes of all sizes and styles that are decorated on every budget out there. I love taking a realistic look at how people live and then seeing how I can improve upon what I already have. A lot of what Apartment Therapy does is encourage people to get rid of what they don’t like and use what they already have to enhance their homes, and I love that idea. Plus, their annual Small Cool contest is amazing and lets us see how even people with homes that are as small as 300 feet.

Aaaaand because I like to laugh at inappropriate shit- The Oatmeal –  Seriously just go look at this shit. I am not even going to describe it.

May 24, 2011

Buh-Bye to Tumblr

Hello WordPress!

Because I have been living under a rock for quite some time, I was using Tumblr as a blogging platform.  With all their crashes and what not, I figured it was time to fetch myself a grown up platform but I kept jingle jangling and putting it off.  Last night, my classmates and a professor encouraged me to get cracking and switch platforms, and I’m very glad that I did! I’m very happy with the layout options and how easy it is to connect this to my blogs, and I can’t believe I waited to long. The blog transfer site Tumblr to WordPress helped me transfer all of my posts, too, so they wouldn’t be lost.  I’m starting to really get myself involved in the social media thing, but this time, not for the purpose of stalking people I don’t even care about on Facebook. I really love the idea of networking and I am excited to create these outlets and webs of relationships. Here is to the positive changes, and remember….I AIN’T GOT TIME!

May 20, 2011



May 20, 2011



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May 17, 2011

My summer reading list is shaping up! I would have never thought that two Erik Larson books would

My summer reading list is shaping up! I would have never thought that two Erik Larson books would make it to my list but for some reason, both books are very intriguing. I’ve been waiting for “In the Garden of Beasts” for a few months, saving it on my Amazon Wish List. I’m currently reading The Imperfectionist by Tom Rachman, at fellow blogger and friend Sarah’s ( suggestion, and so far its a very good book with some characters I feel quite strongly about. I love and hate them- which makes the story even better! I’ve also started reading The Human Stain by Phillip Roth. I like to switch back and forth because I have a short attention span and need to be constantly re-stimulated.

As for the Tina Fey and Chelsea Handler selections? Tina makes me belly laugh and I think she is really earnest and likable. Chelsea Handler makes me laugh so hard that I almost want to split a gut. I love how everything she says is completely inappropriate, and David Sedaris is one of her inspirations- I’m sold.

May 15, 2011

Image 1

May 15, 2011

Words and Images = The Past

Well, ladies and gentleman. It has finally come. The end of Words and Motherfucking Images. This class was a hellacious, unrealistic look into the world of graphic design and I couldn’t be more enthused that it is finished. While I wish I could have had more time to work on certain projects, I’m pretty happy with the outcome of everything. I had to revise only one project because the grade was absolutely unacceptable. Unfortunately their grading is insanely off base and I can’t really rely on it to give me a good idea of what my actual talent is, but to hell with it. I am really just happy to be done. 

But since I love to torture myself, I’m taking an independent study this summer that will task us with creating a publication for the program to showcase our student work. I’m really excited that I have signed up for it, and I’m even MORE excited that I’m doing with classmates who I personally and academically admire. Below is my Eugene Lang aka Project 5- which was by far, the most difficult project of the semester. The writing and the design were hard, because it required extensive knowledge on a place we knew nothing about. Because there were so many restrictions and limitations, it proved to be my cross to bear this semester. Now it is time to put it to bed. Stay tuned for the summer life!