Get outta my face, Monday!!!

Good Morning, Monday Haters-

The work week has reared its head after a very fun and fulfilling weekend. Naturally, I don’t want to give in, but I have no choice other than to start planning my work for the week and figuring out how I will squeeze everything in. I realized after this weekend, that I can’t wait to have my Saturdays back. Taking a class all day on Saturdays in addition to working full time really leaves me with some challenges in terms of finding free time to do homework, planning, and side projects. Sunday is the only day I have to spend with family, do housework, and live a semi-normal existence where I don’t pass my boyfriend in the hallway en route to the computer, grunting with frustration. Anyways, I’m always searching for ways to keep myself in check and organized, and a friend suggested Evernote. Evernote is a program that you can run with your ipad, ipod, mac, pc, whatever, that keeps all your stuff in one spot. It is like a big book of post-its. You can create clippings, post photos, read blogs, create your blogs, and store everything in one spot. Pinterest, which is like a virtual visual board, is very similar. Evernote is different in that you can put EVERYTHING, not just your pictures or clippings of photos from the web. I suggest you try it if you are looking for a self/project/schedule/craft/school/work/etc. management system. I’m hoping I can get the swing of it by the end of the week. For now, let me give in to the Monday and get my bearings for the week.

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