Back to Reality

I was lucky enough to spend the last week in Rome with good friends. If you ever wanted to visit a city that would make you want to change your entire way of life, Rome would be a place to start. It was beautiful and ancient, and humbling. I was in awe of the city and I felt lucky to be in a place that was older and more intricate than anything I have ever known. I described it to William as having this surreal feeling of being inside a dream or movie. You see Rome on the big screen, or read about it in your history books, but it doesn’t seem real until you are looking at the spot where Ben Hur had chariot races. What the fuck, man…it blows your mind.

Prof. Yates told me to look everywhere for the inspiration, and I did. The architecture the sculpture, etc- all amazing. The graphics- pretty terrible actually…lol. I actually forgot about the insane amount of work I have due this week and next, and when I came home, all those pretty images dissolved in my head like a dust cloud. Comp due this weekend? Yup- just started it last night. I also have a rough draft of the copy for a  College Search piece due this weekend as well. Needless to say, I have a lot to accomplish in very little time.

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