Critique [boo]

This past Saturday was yet another critique. Project 2 and 3 are both Farm and Flourish outreach pieces, and I did a brochure and a poster design. I was happy about the feedback, and they were a lot less brutal than I expected. This always makes me suspicious because our professors are not very forthcoming with information at times, but I think I got the gist of what they wanted out of my piece in particular. I have some changes to make, such as unifying the font on all pieces, and perhaps picking a different san serif font to go with Didiot. Sounds like no big deal, right? Pshhhh…..Fonts are difficult. Remember when Ikea changed there font? Remember when Gap changed their font? People are really touchy about fonts. They can change everything. 

Other than some readability vs color issues, there are only a few minor changes to make. This is what I turned in Saturday.

I’m confident that the changes will make the world of a difference. I hope that it earns me better than the B+ I received on the first project. Pretty disappointing, but luckily I can revise it for a better grade.

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