Farm and Flourish Brochure

Project 2 is in full f*cking swing in this piece, and already I have lost my marbles. Anyone working on any kind of project somewhere can tell you that if you look as something too much, you start to hate it, and then you become completely unproductive. Im at that point now, and I think its time for me to step back for a day or 2. 

If you remember, this is the Good Cause project and that I have dubbed Farm and Flourish. The concept of this project has changed so often, but I have finally settled on a theme. The organization aims to promote the simple activity of planting your own garden, big or small, in order to yield fresh vegetable produce. Considering the damage that food miles pose to our environment, growing some of our own vegetables is an activity that can give us fresh food without the high cost and negative long term effects. Plus, it gets you outdoors and in the dirt for a while. Anyone can take up this cause because even a small tomato plant on your stoop can be your very own way of farm heaven. 

The comp is due this coming weekend and I’m ready to get this thing off my plate. It still needs some tweaking but I am happy with the results thus far. 

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