Project # 2- Good Cause

Project number two has begun ( to hell with project one, even though it isn’t even finished). I’m particularly excited about this project because it will be ongoing and meaningful. We are to think of an idea for a good cause and develop it into a brochure. This is the first part of an ongoing effort to develop materials for the new cause. Our first step is to create a project statement (below) and draft our brochure. 

The fruits of my labor 🙂


The subject of sustainable agriculture and slow food has been a growing interest of mine. I was able to find a few local organizations that aim to educate people about sustainable agriculture and eating whole foods and they serve as great resources to the community. The purpose of my organization would be to work with local farms on a DC based non profit called Farm & Flourish. This organization would go to local middle schools to teach children about the subject of agriculture and help them differentiate between positive, sustainable methods from those that are damaging to the environment and have negative long term consequences. In order to make the connection between good food and good health, it would great to get them involved in the farming process (with produce, and perhaps even small animals), and allow them to grow food and then reap its benefits at the end of the season with cooking and nutrition lessons. It could be set up as a long term project or as a camp environment. 

The program would be particularly helpful for children who live in an inner city area who don’t have access to grocery stores, farmers markets, or other sources of fresh produce. Children in this socioeconomic background are more than likely to live farther away from fresh food sources, and as a result their health often suffers the most. The organization can provide these children with transportation to a local farm outside of the urban area where they can be hands on in the farming process. There are organizations in the Baltimore area who have similar goals, but a program in the DC area that is this specific was not easily found.



The political bias has yet to be determined, but it would be safe to say that we would be big fans of Michelle Obama’s movement to get people eating healthy and in shape. The organization would be likely to ask people to push for legislation on school nutrition reform, as well. 

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